10 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Leather Couches


It’s not too long ago that leather brought to mind two very distinct and different images. The first was that of black, modern leather and steel furniture often viewed as the prime furnishings for artistic bachelors. The second, was that of rustic brown overstuffed chairs and sofas right out of a western movie. Of course, there are absolutely wonderful versions of each of these images, but decorating trends have presented many more options for leather through the years, and there’s really no reason to compartmentalize this glorious material into either strictly contemporary or cowboy.

For generations, some of the most luxurious leathers have been used to create inviting couches which use modern profiles, such as square forms, metal frames and legs, or padding without tufts. Curved and rounded lines have become elongated, sleek and flowing edges while decorative hardware is hidden or updated with multi-cultural designs. Soft textures and finishes are replacing highly polished surfaces, and leathers are now dyed in every color of the rainbow.

But for all these innovations, leather pieces remain prized additions to living rooms because they are expensive, luxurious seating options which are often the most comfortable available. Leather is decidedly on point now.

Here are some inspirational designs using some pretty wonderful leather couches.

1. Sweetwater Mesa Residence


This deep eggplant leather couch is a lovely example of how traditional tufted leather and classic shape can be transformed by color. The magnificent artwork serves as the room’s focal point, with its rich gold frame adding shimmer and warmth. The wall sconces on either side are also in gold metal, as are the end and coffee tables. The rich purple paired with the gold serves to bring warmth to what would be a cool color palette of gray, black and white seen in the occasional chairs, drapery, area rug and walls. The eggplant couch is a welcoming central point in this elegant room.

2. Seattle Industrial


This huge white leather couch is actually a modern sectional sofa, chaise lounge and couch all rolled into one astoundingly attractive piece. The white leather is actually soothing, with a softer texture and less shine than some. It literally floats on the large stone tile flooring, even though the dark color of the floor could tend to be a stark contrast to the white couch. The soft surface of the couch negates contrast and its low profile allows the star of the room to be seen. Without question, the view of the water at sunset fills this dramatic living room, and the couch wisely underscores it, beckoning visitors to sit and watch the world for a while.

3. Calvin Street London Green


Sprightly green leather infuses this London living area with a lively vibe. The extra-long couch was custom made so the family could entertain many guests comfortably at one time. The green is perfectly paired with white and purple cushions which bring out the colors in the flooring. Black pendants hang from the ceilings as accent lighting and the overall geometric patterns in the room coordinate with the unusual wood details on the grand piano. Leather is popular in many London homes, with modern color choices part of many chic living areas.

4. Dallas Traditional


Custom coffered ceilings with pot lights gleaming through add sparkle to this traditional living space. The burgundy leather couch is a modern take on a 1940s club chair, as if it has morphed into a sectional by expanding from within. The comfy ottoman is perfect right where it sits. Side tables are not matching, which adds an eclectic touch of modern, too. The beautiful Oriental rug has touches of burgundy, blue and purple on a light gray-blue ground. These colors are seen in the painted walls adjacent to the library shelving and cabinetry. It is almost a step back in time, without the dark and heavy colors of a previous era.

5. River House Black


Rectangular black leather couch and loveseat for a squared grouping for conversation and relaxation. The brushed steel frame and legs complement the coffee table legs and the spare window frame structural shapes. The sleek lines of the sofa are maintained by adding tufting only in the seat padding, but not in the pillow backs. Rich wood flooring throughout the living area and beyond stretch the visual space. Bright orange pops of color in the neighboring dining room set add joy.

But the most striking part of this living space is the river view outside the two story windows. The deep green tree leaves flow outside the windows, creating a huge outdoor painting. The riverscape views are the artwork for this gorgeous contemporary living area.

6. Quail Lake Rustic Textured Leather


Exquisite patterned leather detailing brings elegance to the deep brown leather couch and loveseat pair. Adding another layer of texture are the metallic stud details on the armrests. The pair sets the tone for this lovely room as it is full of appealing textures. The archway over the dining area is brick, the carpeting has subtle color differences which create visual texture, and the decorative wall hangings over the couch add a royal flair.

The deep wood tones and spiral turned legs of the coffee table, the broad occasional chair and ottoman, the saffron textured accent wall and the reds and greens of the accent pillows all combine to add appealing touches of visual comfort. This is a graciously tailored space.

7. Houston Mediterranean Touches


The traditional leather couch in this room is expertly paired with an eclectic blend of transitional and modern furnishings. What brings all the pieces together is the predominantly peach color palette. In this setting, the deep brown of the couch, the black traditional oval side table and the black iron chandeliers overhead all become accent pieces.

Though the couch is one of the primary sitting areas, along with the champagne colored loveseat, it blends well with the other pieces. The overhead volume in the room gives it a feeling of space, and the sunlight streaming from the high windows adds to that sense. The warm deep tiles, rich natural woods and accent pieces bring just a touch of Mediterranean color to this welcoming space.

8. Grand Rapids Slightly Traditional


Such a beautiful deep brown leather couch is more often seen in a traditional rectangular form and often with metallic studs to decorate the arm pieces. This is a rich leather made new by virtue of its circular shape, absence of tufting and metallic adornments. It gives the sense of elegant tradition without the heavier elements of style. Paired with the delightful basketry of the round coffee table, and rich warm woods in the room, the overall effect is one of casual luxury.

The side table and chair are slender, with beautiful geometry, and these offer their own elegance. Bright white walls and rich persimmon tones fill the room with spicy goodness. It is only slightly traditional.

9. Tampa Rotunda View


With a contemporary black leather couch paired across from a matching black loveseat and two white leather casual chairs, the furnishings in this wonderful room take a low profile. This allows the beauty of the rotunda and its panoramic windows to display the outdoor views without distraction. The comfortable, stylish seating is angled lower to the handsome contemporary area rug.

Placing the broad square coffee table, with its reflective red-brown stain finish, centered on the rug provides a gathering together of the predominant color scheme in the décor. The rug’s red and black dots and lines echo the red and black of the central table, the black leather and the accent pillows.

The white chairs balance the white window frames and ceilings. Without drapes, the sunshine streams into the living area, and green trees provide pops of accent colors which echo the beautiful landscape outside.

10. Elegant Toronto Traditional


The rich brown leather couch in this setting offers cozy seating. There is a tasteful blending of traditional and contemporary, as seen by the tradition overstuffed wing back chairs, the modern wall to wall carpeting rather than an area rug, and the generous accent pillows added to the couch in place of a thick padded back. These are all in the same light camel color palette, which coordinates with the sand colored window wall and the fireplace stonework. The arched window wall has beautiful casement windows which match the panels below. The entire room is inviting, but more elegant than casual.


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