20 Unique Coffee Tables For Your Living Room

unique wooden coffee table

Coffee tables are a very common part of most living room designs, but unfortunately, these tables don’t tend to be very unique. Most of the time, coffee tables are relatively plain wooden rectangles that the average person probably doesn’t even pay much attention to. The reality is that in many homes, coffee tables aren’t used as anything more than a sturdy foot rest. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. For those who are all about designing creative spaces from start to finish, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for coffee tables.

Instead of the traditional (and boring) designs, coffee tables can come in a wide variety of styles that can range anywhere from simple to complex. Since living room spaces are among the most frequently used, it’s important that every piece of furniture is the right fit. Whether you’re a fan of wood, metal, or glass there’s a coffee table out there for you. Coffee tables aren’t usually the focal point of the room, but some of these might just steal the show.

Here are 20 unique coffee tables for your living room.

rocking coffee table design

image via bestpickr.com

coffee table shaped like a cassette

image via brit.co

wood and glass coffee table

image via all-accreditation.com

modern wooden coffee table

image via coffeetabls.com

handmade wooden coffee table

image via thinkter.com

unique coffee table with glass top

image via feelitcool.com

coffee table with fire pit

image via www.home-designing.com

cool red coffee table

image via fashionretailnews.com

globe coffee table

image via livrooms.com

coffee table with led lights

image via www.decoratingroom.net

gold and glass coffee table

image via www.arhaus.com

unique coffee table on wheels

image via www.homesnva.com

unique coffee table with storage

image via vipcoffeetables.com

creative colorful coffee table

image via digsdigs.com

amazing convertible coffee table

image via furnitz.com

oddly shaped coffee table

image via www.marvelbuilding.com

dark wood unique coffee table

image via www.hgnv.com

coffee table with round glass top

image via www.inmyinterior.com

unique coffee tables with tricycle base

image via houzz.com

nintendo controller coffee table

image via www.gadgetwiki.com

lead image via homedit.com


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