The 50 Worst Colleges In America

Waldorf University

Waldorf University was founded in 1903 and is located in Forest City, Iowa. The university has a total of forty-five hundred students, and twenty-six hundred students attend the undergraduate programs. The university’s acceptance rate is at seventy-five percent, with a graduation rate of just twenty-three percent.

Graduates leave with an average student loan debt of twenty-eight thousand dollars, with almost ten percent of students defaulting on their loan repayment. Tuition at this university is about twenty-one thousand dollars.

“Stay away! If you can save your children or friends from attending Waldorf University please do so. I attended back in 2017 and basically ended up fleeing my environment. Sexual assault is swept under the rug because it ruins their image. They let offenders graduate even when aware of what they have done. I was treated poorly and only treated nicely when I ‘played along.’ I have major PTSD from having attended Waldorf and the incidents that occurred and that were never taken care of except by one professor. Do not enter their Theatre Department. Period. The scholarships are not worth it and they play favorites. Everyone I have known from Waldorf has been glad they left and/or finally glad they graduated but, they do not feel prepared. I feel sad that this school still has such a high sexual assault count that they do nothing about and refuse to address that it even happens. It really isn’t worth it and I know this review is harsh but it is true.” —– Emma Banner.


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