10 Living Rooms that are Peppered with 70s Style

If you’re someone who thinks the design world should forget the seventies instead of recreate it, you haven’t seen just how stylish 70s decor can be. True, there are some things we should never repeat again, such as the overabundance of plaid furniture, pumpkin orange in every nook and cranny, and rainbow motifs covering the walls. However, the seventies had its high points including towering houseplants, beautiful florals, the mixing and matching of bold prints, and those fabulous globe pendant lights. Here are ten living rooms of today that are full of 70s style.

1. Modern seventies chic

There are several elements with 70s style in this living room, but it also has a modern edge that keeps it from looking stuck in a past decade. White is the ideal shade of paint for the walls here, as the assortment of art prints provide plenty of color. There’s also a great variety of patterns in this room as well as an eclectic mix of furniture and decor.

2. Awesome wallpaper

The seventies were marked by wallpaper patterns that seemed to jump off the wall, and that’s exactly what this living area has. Instead of being in psychedelic colors, the room has a geometric print lining the upper portion of the walls and the ceiling. White trim around the windows, ceiling, and fireplace provides contrast, while the lower portion of the walls is painted red for balance. Another 70s style favorite is seen in this living room: the tulip chair. The entire design proves that you can successfully bring in pieces from the seventies without making your house look dated.

3. Return of the tulip chair

This dining and living room combo has a pedestal table surrounded by gorgeous white and blue tulip chairs. The style of art seen near the table is reminiscent of what you’d have seen in a home during the seventies, and the graphic print wallpaper is an outstanding example of 70s style design. The light wood flooring here looks beautiful and helps provide balance in the design.

4. Simply stylish

If your preferred design style leans towards minimalism and you like modern furniture pieces, you can still infuse seventies elements into your living room. This design features furnishings with clean lines, an uncluttered look, and a color palette that’s simple and attractive. To recreate this look with your favorite colors, pick one shade that’s darker for your accent wall, white for the rest of the room’s walls, a light colored neutral, and a vibrant color. Teal is the accent shade here, while light blue and bright yellow complete the color scheme.

5. Retro flair

At first glance this room looks like a contemporary space, but if you look at the style of the furniture you’ll see that it’s flush with 70s style. Even the style of the lamps seen here were common during the seventies, and there are several ways to take vintage pieces and give them a refresh. Lamps can be given a new lamp shade and coat of paint, while furniture can be refinished and reupholstered to look updated. Going the route of recreating pieces that you find inexpensively is much cheaper than buying new furniture that was designed to mimic 70s style.

6. Eye-popping prints

This living area is so retro that it’s unique considering the typical style of decor seen today. It truly looks like a well curated selection of pieces from a great vintage boutique, and the patterns around the room are most eye catching. Color is also a big factor in the appeal of this design, and the combo of blue and orange works well for the theme.

7. A contemporary touch

This living area doesn’t rely on using color to create a seventies feel, but instead is filled with furniture with a 70s style profile as well as a mix of patterns. Fabulous chairs were used instead of sofas, which is a great design strategy to employ if you’re having trouble finding suitable vintage couches for your home. The wide base lamp hearkens back to the seventies era, as do the patterns on the club chairs and throw pillows on a seating area near the fireplace.

8. Olive and orange

Back in the seventies there were two colors that were prominently seen, and often together: olive and orange. Some cringe when they think of it today, but this living room shows you can put the two together and create a tasteful and appealing living space. Olive chairs and a bright orange sofa provide seating, while each color is also spotted in accents throughout the space. Most importantly, a large retro art print above the fireplace ties the two shades together and provides the perfect finishing touch for the design.

9. Mid-century influence

The seventies came at the tail end of mid-century design, the style went away for a bit, and then mid-century modern style came into play several years ago to great acclaim. This living room looks like what you would’ve seen during the seventies in an upscale hotel or penthouse condo, and it’s a fitting tribute to the era. A huge area rug calls to mind the shag carpeting common back in the 70s, but it’s a more luxurious take. Elsewhere in the room are rich and earthy colors, mid-century style furnishings, plenty of gorgeous woods, and pendant lights of various styles.

10. 70s furniture

This living room is full of retro style, but it’s also perfectly suited for modern times. The most stunning addition to the room is a set of chairs and couches that look like they were pulled straight from the 70s — these were either an incredibly lucky find at an estate sale, thrift shop, or garage sale, or a very well-done recreation. The light hanging above the seating area has 70s style influence, as the design period had futuristic vibes to it. A large area rug in a different pattern than that seen on the chairs provides visual interest, and pops of bright blue seen on the coffee table and a hanging chair do as well.

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