New York Man Turns Bedroom Into 80s Style Arcade

view of classic style arcade games in bedroom

The older we get, the more our bedrooms transform from our personal hang out spots to places strictly for sleeping. However, one New York man decided to return to his youth by creating a bedroom that was both fun and practical. With $32,000 and an appetite for excitement, Chris Kooluris decided to turn his bedroom into a full on 80s style arcade. According to Kooluris, he drew his inspiration from a sci-fi novel titled “Ready Player One,” and decided that the project would be well worth it. In his bedroom arcade, Kooluris included several classic games including Pac-Man and Street Fighter. Unfortunately,  Kooluris lost his fiancé in the process of building his arcade, and says that “it’s hard to enjoy the room” without her. Check out these photos of Chris Kooluris’ arcade bedroom.

view of colorful arcade floor

Aside from being full of classic games, this bedroom arcade is also full of fun character memorabilia.

close view of classic style arcade games

Making sure to make his bedroom arcade as true to the 1980s as possible, Kooluris was also sure to include this popular quarter candy machines.

arcade memorabilia in bedroom

Although there are lots of awesome man caves out there, this one might just take the cake – especially for gamers. classic street fighter game in arcde

Street Fighter is one of the most timeless view games. A traditional joy stick set up allows for gamers to have a real 80s style match.

view of classic pac man game

Of course, no arcade is complete without one of the most well-known games of all-time, Mrs. Pac-Man.

side view of classic mrs. pac man game

Bright colors also make this design feel fun and exciting. A multi-colored square rug helps bring the most out of this room.

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