The Top 10 Cities in the U.S. for Divorcees

No one wants to be a divorcee, that much is obvious. However, sometimes things just happen and adults can’t find any other way to alleviate the mounting problems but to separate or just flat out get divorced. The days when marriage was believed to be for life are for the most part over and done with, as divorce became trendy nearly two decades ago. Some places still cling to the idea that marriage is a sacred vow that shouldn’t be trampled on, and as a result are less than thrilled to be home to those who find it a better option to dissolve a marriage rather than work it out.

Thankfully in these modern times many cities have taken a stance on such a matter and have decided to cater more services to those who are now enjoying the single life. Whether you’re divorced or not, there are a vast number of opportunities throughout United States that are designed to specifically target and appease the need of the individual instead of the couple or family. While you might want to enjoy your role as a single divorcee or spend some time just reinventing yourself before deciding to look for that next special someone, these cities are seen to have the most to offer. The best cities for divorcees are those that have a lot to offer and make few demands on a person’s marital status.

10. San Francisco, California

The Bay area is a pleasant and calming location that is both family-oriented and is perfect for singles that are ready to mingle. From the daytime activities, which are plentiful, which are plentiful, the enjoyable shopping areas, scenic views, and active nightlife, San Francisco is a perfect place to be single. You can find an affordable one-bedroom apartment most anywhere in the city, though you’ll need to budget as much as you can considering that the bay area features just as many high-priced areas as affordable housing. But for the sheer opulence of the city, there is nothing like taking a long stroll by the by or dancing the night away.

9. Chicago, Illinois

Concerts. That’s just it, concerts. Lollapalooza comes through Chicago every year and as a single divorcee it seems paramount that any interested party attend. Plus, there are a large number of famous bands that roll through Chicago on a regular basis, making it a must for any divorcee that still wants to have some fun and get out and enjoy life. Chicago also has a very lively nightlife and is a city of great opportunity for the single divorcee. For those looking to get over a particularly bad divorce, Chicago isn’t exactly the most glamorous or even hip city to find yourself in, but its rich history and engaging atmosphere are more than enough to make it one of the absolute best places in the US to start anew.

8. Jersey City, New Jersey

Kind of like Chicago, it’s not the ideal place for being single and wanting a lot of pomp and flash, but it’s a part of American history that demands attention and can give a great deal of high quality entertainment that a person won’t soon forget. There are many opportunities in Jersey City for a single divorcee to take advantage of, not the least of which are their well known music festivals and other celebrations that occur during the year. Jersey City is perhaps one of the more low-key places that divorcees might want to visit or move to, if only because it is one of the lesser known cities on this list and can offer some much needed time to recoup.

7. Portland, Oregon

Land of the hipsters and the trendsetters, Portland is one of the cities that epitomizes individual freedom and space. While the divorce rate has been fluctuating in the past decade and more, the average divorcee finds that living in Portland is quite the experience. They can take their pick from hopping from one coffee shop to another to walking the many different trails that run into and around the city, or possibly attend any of the music festivals or plays that are a common occurrence in the Rose City. There’s always something to do in Portland, no matter what type of day it is.

6. Minneapolis, Minnesota

If a person can stand the freezing winters then Minneapolis is likely to be the right city for their needs. It’s a quaint place that can offer a great deal in the way of fun, community, and celebrations that occur throughout the year. One event is very interesting considering that at a designated time all roadway traffic is suspended within the city so that residents can experience the city in a way that is normally not accessible. During this time residents can walk, bike, or skate through the city streets unimpeded, a different experience that allows people to actually see the city in a different light.

5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It might not seem like such an obvious choice, but Philadelphia is a much more popular city than many people would think. The history that is inherent within the city is palpable enough that it has an effect upon those who live there that is hard to notice but is without a doubt evident in the pride that people hold in their home. Divorcees are often people who find either relief or sadness in their current marital status, and as such are like people adrift for however short or long a time as they need to get back to their state of emotional equilibrium. Philadelphia, a stable city for longer than many can recall, has the ability to remind people what it means to stay true to their roots and remember what made them who they are in the first place.

4. Seattle, Washington

There could be few lists that would succeed in keeping this city away from the top five or even top ten when it comes to being single and ready to mingle. Divorcees abound in this city for various reasons, some of those being that it is a haven for the single individual who wants to get out and have fun. From baseball, soccer, or football games that are generally close by to concerts, festivals, and celebrations that take place throughout the year, Seattle is a constant whirlwind of activity. It doesn’t matter if a divorcee is getting over a huge breakup or cutting loose for the first time in years, Seattle is able to accommodate their every desire.

3. Boston, Massachusetts

Some of the most noted and well-respected educational institutions are located in this city. This is where learning comes at a premium and produces all sorts of people that come together to form a strong and supportive community. Like a few other cities on this list Boston has a long and storied history, but has weathered many a year and event with as much grace and stoicism as can be mustered. For the single divorcee this city has a great deal to offer, not the least of which is a chance to reinvent themselves through educational, professional, or personal means.

2. Washington D.C.

The nation’s capital is a veritable hotbed of activities that are designed for every last person that calls this city home. Art lovers, music lovers, and all others are welcome in this city and are able to find something to do without fail. The history, the nightlife, the rich culture and community that is offered is so easily accessed that a divorcee will likely become overwhelmed with the opportunities before they ever have the chance to reflect on the fact that they are alone. Promoting unity as well, D.C. is also a place where people congregate to feel a sense of belonging, a real sense of bonding that is hard to deny.

1. Manhattan, New York

If Portland is home to the hip and trendy, Manhattan is home to the masterminds behind those current trends. This city was on the verge of greatness when many of those further to the west were still being built, creating an environment that would one day be designed to cater to newlyweds and newly divorced individuals alike. Being single in Manhattan is perhaps one of the greatest things ever, as the lively nighttime scene is enough to make the teeth tingle in anticipation of the sights, tastes, and sounds that might be experienced.


Being a divorcee is nothing to celebrate unless one happens to have escaped a particularly nasty marriage. Once single again though, those cities listed above are more than ready to offer a host of opportunities that can be made available to the newly single who want or need a way to reinvent their lives. If nothing else, they are far more accepting of divorcees and will likely seek to welcome them with open arms.


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