Things You Should Know Before Moving To Portland OR

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Portland OR is widely regarded as one of the hippest cities in the country. With its liberal culture and laid back vibes, Portland has become a very popular place for young professionals looking to settle down and in a flexible and friendly environment. However, like many other popular cities, many people tend to think they know everything about Portland, and as a result, many people move without doing their research. There’s nothing wrong with taking a leap of faith and trying something new, but sometimes it’s nice to do a little research before deciding to fully commit. Here are five things you should know before moving to Portland OR

You better not litter

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Alright, so littering is bad everywhere. Hopefully this isn’t the first time you’re hearing that. However, people in Oregon are especially conscious of keeping their beautiful city clean. Not only do the good people of Portland not litter, but they also make every effort to recycle and make sure that nothing that can be re-used goes to waste.

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There are strip clubs everywhere

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Strip clubs probably aren’t something you associate with Portland. Well, you may want to think again seeing as how Portland has more strip clubs per capita than any other place in the United States. Yeah, let that one sink in for a minute. But in true Portland fashion, the city has put a very interesting spin on the classic gentlemen’s club and is even home to the only vegan strip club in the world. Whoever said that all strip clubs were the same clearly has never been to Portland.

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It’s illegal to pump your own gas

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Pumping gas is something that most of us do without giving it a second thought. Although it can be a little inconvenient during inclement weather, it’s just a part of the routine for drivers all over the world. However, in Oregon, it is actually illegal to pump your own gas. In fact, Oregon is one of only two states in the country (the other being New Jersey) that has outlawed self-service at gas pumps. At stations all over the state, there are gas pump attendants who have been hired for the sole purpose of pumping customers’ gas.

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Pickled foods are in

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Hopefully your taste buds don’t mind pickled foods, because if you move to Portland you’re going to have to get used to them. Apparently, people in Portland really love pickling foods, and they’ll pickle just about anything – including beer. Although this may seem pretty bizarre to someone who isn’t from the area, Portland residents just can’t seem to get enough.

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Bring an umbrella

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It goes without saying that it rains everywhere, but Portland definitely gets more than its fair share. Although most people already know what to expect from weather in the Pacific Northwest, but nothing can prepare you for it like actual experience. On the bright side; however, Portland actually isn’t as rainy as most people think, and there are plenty of other places that get more rain – including New York City.

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