10 Beautiful Monochrome Kitchen Ideas

Neutral Cream Design

Monochrome decor, which is comprised of various shades of one color or tones of black and white, has been popular for decades. The style is often seen in bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas, but monochrome kitchens can also look quite stylish. A monochrome scheme can be bold and will usually benefit from some texture and a mix of surface finishes. Gloss and matt, opaque and dense — build up layers to add extra interest and soften any harshness.

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and scale. The trick is to surround pattern with something plain — except in the case of cushions. If you have bench seating, mix-and-match different designs for an informal feel. Choose accessories for their strong outlines, especially when it comes to large pieces, furniture and lighting that dominates the ceiling space.

If you’re looking for a way to refresh the look of your home, here are ten great monochrome kitchen ideas.

1. Modern style at its finest


Modern design and monochrome color schemes work beautifully together, and this small kitchen and dining area is packed with style. The design is so clean that you can hardly discern where the appliances are nestled in, but everything one could want in a kitchen is there. This kitchen makes superb use of space, and everything in it was strategically placed to maximize storage.

The open concept area contains a dining space as well as a television. One thing to take away from this kitchen is that risks can definitely pay off in terms of style. Notice the art print — instead of taking up wall space needed for appliances and storage, it’s simply leaned against a wall in the dining area for an easy, casual look.

2. An updated classic

backsplash for white cabinets and white countertops

Wood flooring, marble counters, and white cabinets is a classic kitchen combination, but here all of these elements combine to create a monochrome design. Beautiful wood floors add warmth to the space, and the tiled backsplash contains all of the tones used in the design. Plenty of windows for natural lighting are a great addition, as are three pendant lights hanging over the kitchen island. If you want a monochrome kitchen that leans towards being traditional, this one provides a blueprint for nailing the look.

3. Modern sophistication


There’s something about this kitchen that takes it a step above most others. The unique display of decorative plates and a dramatic golden light fixture definitely stand out, but the overall look is at once elegant, sophisticated, and chic. All of the elements come together effortlessly, and the space was also designed for optimal function — the ever important kitchen triangle is in full effect here.

4. A twist on black and white


This kitchen shows a different way to integrate black into a monochrome kitchen: use chalky paint. Instead of having a glossy or semi-gloss finish, the lower cabinets in the space have matte paint that gives them a unique look yet ensures they don’t compete with the graphic motif hanging over the stove. Having white in the rest of the space balances things out, and metallic silver light fixtures and appliances give the kitchen flair. The result is a space that’s a bit glamorous, upscale, and very stylish.

5. Shades of gray


If you’re looking for monochrome kitchen ideas that are more off beat, this one should provide plenty of inspiration. The eclectic space features a backsplash made of different gray tiles that play well with the counters, chairs, and hardware in the space. Instead of traditional cabinets, open shelving is used — if you opt for open shelving and want a monochrome kitchen, be sure to keep your display neat and tidy to avoid a cluttered look.

6. Simply gorgeous


Monochrome kitchen ideas that create a welcoming space are often the most memorable, and this kitchen is no exception. White dominates the space, and the kitchen is anchored by distinctive gray floor tiles that complement the stainless steel appliances, cabinet hardware, and counters. Everything else in the kitchen is kept light and simple, which is part of what makes the design so appealing.

7. A small space with tons of style


This kitchen is daring in many ways. For starters, even though it’s a small space dark cabinets were used throughout. Second, the monochrome theme is seen in every detail, even in the display of dishes. To make this look work so well, thoughtfully designing the storage and keeping the counters uncluttered were important. Leaving the ceiling white to avoid a feeling of being too closed in was also key, as the space already appears smaller than it is because of the dark wood. A mirrored backsplash adds an upscale touch to this chic and stylish kitchen.

8. Transitional elegance

Neutral Cream Design

Who says that monochrome kitchens have to be modern? If you’re looking for monochrome kitchen ideas that are more transitional or traditional, here’s a great one. Having white cabinets and appliances lends the space a very clean look, but the style of the hardware on the cabinets provides a classic element. Metallic accents throughout the space keep the design updated and fresh.

9. Varying textures and tones


One of the biggest factors that prevents homeowners from implementing a monochrome scheme in their kitchen is the fear of it looking too flat and boring. To avoid that problem, take a cue from this gorgeous kitchen and incorporate different textures into your design. Black and white rule this space, but the contrast between the marble counters and designer wallpaper create enough visual interest to making the area come alive. A group of hanging white lamps adds a decorative element as well as much needed lighting, and open shelving helps break up the space.

10. Warm and welcoming


Monochrome kitchens have a tendency to look a bit cold and uninviting, but that can be remedied by opting for a warmer hue such as brown. In this kitchen, dark brown cabinets and flooring are offset by lighter counters and a seating area that features tan and cream tones. Green is used sparingly as an accent, and aside from the dishwasher and fridge everything else is a shade of brown. High white ceilings are the perfect complement to provide balance and keep the finish of the woods from making the room feel too heavy.


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