100 Beautiful Modern Kitchen Ideas

beautiful black kitchen design

How many times have you come up with awesome ideas for your kitchen? Whether it be color, flooring, or appliances, you’ve probably thought up some pretty cool ways to make your kitchen stand out. After all, the kitchen is typically one of the most used rooms in any home, and it’s important that this space feel inviting and comfortable. Even if you’re not the type of person who enjoys cooking big meals, you probably still understand the importance of having a stylish kitchen. Still, deciding where to start can be pretty overwhelming, especially when you’ve got lots of kitchen ideas floating around in your head. However, the good news is that there are a few quick and easy tips to getting your kitchen where you want it to be. Here are some cool ways to make your kitchen feel a little more cozy.

  • Be conscious of your stove space – Out of all of your grand kitchen ideas, you probably haven’t spent much time thinking about your stove space. However, the area around your stove can be a great place to incorporate necessary tools and other accessories that can not only make cooking more convenient, but can also be a way for you to add some more of your personal style to your kitchen.
  • Put your favorite kitchen items on display – Showing off every once in a while can be a good thing, especially when it comes to your kitchen. If you want to make your space feel a little more like you, one of the best ways to do that is to put some of your favorite kitchen items on display. According to TheKtchn, “Make sure you can see whatever tool, pot, or piece of equipment you own that makes you happy or you use all the time. Put it on the countertop, keep it on an open shelf, or store it on the stovetop.”
  • Use scents – It’s no secret that the way something smells plays a big role in how we receive it. Since the kitchen is the place where most people enjoy their meals, it’s important that this area have a nice smell. If you have any favorite scents, bringing them into your kitchen might be a great idea.

25 Kitchen Ideas with Large Windows

I don’t know about you, but when I think of the perfect kitchen ideas, well-lit spaces are some of the first to come to mind. Who wants to sit in a dark kitchen? Nobody! With that being said, lighting is just as important in the kitchen as it is in every other room. While traditional light fixtures and chandeliers can be a great way to add light to your space, you may still find yourself searching for something more; that is where natural light comes into play. If your kitchen has lots of large windows, it is important that you make the most of them. These windows are the perfect way to brighten up your kitchen with natural light, and they can really make a world of difference. Here are some of the benefits of natural light.

  • Increased productivity – Over the years, studies have shown that exposure to natural light can help introduce productivity. Since many people get their start by enjoying a quick meal in the kitchen, having a room full of natural light can be a great way to get the day going smoothly. Studies have also shown that exposure to sunlight can help improve moods.
  • Added style – In the world of kitchen ideas, it’s important that your space have a little something that sets it apart. Large windows that welcome lots of natural light can be that thing. The right amount of light has the power to increase the level of style in your kitchen and can also enhance parts of your design. If you’ve got colors that become more noticeable in the light, this can be a great way to make sure those colors shine their brightest.
  • Lower energy usage – One of the best things about having a kitchen with large windows is that they will allow you to cut down on the amount of energy you use during the day. Since these windows will let in a good amount of light, you may often find that natural light is all that you need to keep your space well-lit. For many people, this will be the best and most convenient benefit.

white kitchen with large windows

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kitchen with large windows and view of the water

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clean kitchen with large windows

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modern kitchen with wall of windows

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bright open kitchen with large windows

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contemporary all white kitchen

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kitchen with vaulted ceilings

image via www.syahtanakitchenoy.xyz

rustic themed luxury kitchen

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sleek kitchen inspiration

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affordable modern kitchen design

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industrial kitchen with chandelier

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kitchen with black island

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large kitchen with wooden cabinets

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kitchen with table and chairs

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modern kitchen with window overlooking the city

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large kitchen window project

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modern kitchen with large window

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compact kitchen design with oversized windows

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kitchen with beautiful hardwood flooring

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all white kitchen with sleek design

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beautiful all wood kitchen design

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cool white kitchen with open design

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kitchen with island and large windows

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beautiful japanese kitchen with large windows

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large prairie style kitchen

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25 Kitchen Ideas with Pizza Ovens

These days, stainless steel appliances are at the forefront of most people’s minds when they think of kitchen ideas. Not only are stainless steel appliances nice to look at, but they’re also easy to clean. However, there is also another option that is becoming popular in many homes: the pizza oven. For years, pizza ovens were something that most people would only see in restaurants, but that is no longer the case. If you’re the type of person who loves a good pizza, your appreciation for the pizza oven will run very deep. With one of these in your kitchen, the days of sliding a frozen pizza onto the metal racks in your regular oven will be long gone. Instead, you can duplicate that authentic taste that most of love so much.  Your favorite pizza restaurant may miss seeing you in a regular basis, but knowing that you can make pizza any time you want is definitely worth it. Although there are several different types of pizza ovens to choose from, wood fired pizza ovens seem to be what catches most people’s attention. Here are some benefits that these wood fired pizza ovens have to offer, because let’s keep it real, no list of kitchen ideas would be complete without something involving food.

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

  • Fast cooking time – If you’re like most people, the quicker you can get something done – the better. If that’s your mentality than a wood fired pizza oven might be perfect for you. These ovens are known for their quick cooking time. According to one source, “With a wood fired pizza oven, you can attain higher temperatures—approximately 500 to 700 degrees. This sharply cuts pizza cooking time. As a result, you can expect your pizza to cook in just two to five minutes in a wood-fired oven (depending on the dough thickness).”
  • More flavorful food – Due to their even heat distribution, wood fired pizza ovens are also known to boost the flavor of your food.
  • Helps food retain nutrients – Although this might not be something you think of very often, wood fired pizza ovens also have the ability to help food retrain nutrients. As one source reports, “Cooking over an open flame in a wood-fired oven cooks vegetables and fruits very quickly and helps them retain specific nutrients and antioxidants.”
  • Energy efficient – Since wood fired pizza ovens use fire, they can help you reduce the amount of energy you use in your kitchen. However, keep in mind that using fire to cook does produce smoke, so this is something you will definitely want to be aware of – especially if your pizza oven is indoors.

traditional kitchen with brick oven and fireplace

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kitchen with large brick oven

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rustic kitchen with brick oven

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modern kitchen with brick oven

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awesome pizza oven in kitchen

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lodge kitchen with pizza oven

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beautiful kitchen with cool pizza oven

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lavish kitchen with brick pizza oven

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kitchen with hardwood flooring and large island

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bright modern kitchen interior

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bright kitchen with pizza oven

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residential kitchen with pizza oven

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kitchen with large brick oven

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large open kitchen with pizza oven

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tuscan kitchen design with pizza oven

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renovated kitchen with pizza oven

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beautiful kitchen with green brick oven

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updated kitchen with wood burning pizza oven

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rustic kitchen with traditional brick oven

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indoor brick pizza oven

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mediterranean home with pizza oven

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kitchen with long hallway

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collaborative kitchen with pizza oven

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luxury kitchen with amazing stone oven

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stone fireplace with wood pizza oven

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25 Amazing Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

If you’ve been limited your kitchen ideas to indoor spaces, the good news is that you don’t have to. While it may seem like all kitchens must have four walls and a roof, that isn’t true. In fact, outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular, and they are perfect for people who enjoy eating meals outside when the weather permits. Sure, you can continue to do what you’ve always done, set up some outdoor furniture in the backyard and throw some hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, but having a dedicated kitchen space will make your backyard cookouts the talk of the town. With a wide variety of styles and set ups, outdoor kitchens can be made to accommodate your needs and your space, and they can also look very cool. Still not sold on why a backyard kitchen is a good idea? Check out some of these reasons.

  • Great for entertaining – If you enjoy entertaining friends and family, you’ll definitely enjoy having an outdoor kitchen. These spaces are the perfect place to bring guests, especially during beautiful summer days, and it can also serve as extra space if your indoor kitchen gets a little overcrowded during big events.
  • Increase the value of your property – If you’re a home owner, most of your ideas, kitchen or otherwise, are probably meant to improve your property. Fortunately, adding an outdoor kitchen won’t just improve your home, but it’ll raise the value. Although it’s unclear just how much more your property will be worth if it has an outdoor kitchen, there’s no doubt that it will be a worthwhile investment, especially if you live in a place that has lots of nice weather.
  • Added living space – If there’s one room in the house that gets almost as much traffic as the kitchen, it’s the living room. Living spaces are also used as a place for people to hang out and catch up with friends and family or to re-group after a long day. With an outdoor kitchen, you have the chance to give yourself the best of both worlds. In most cases, having an outdoor kitchen can be a great way to also add some outdoor living space. Since these lovely outdoor areas will also have some room for sitting and relaxing, they can also double as places to simply hang out – even when you’re not enjoying food.

beautiful outdoor kitchen with covered area

image via www.twobrothersbrickpaving.com

beautiful outdoor kitchen with patio

image via hgtv.com

simple outdoor kitchen design

image via www.depotkitchen.com

earthy outdoor kitchen design

image via www.housebeautiful.com

beautiful outdoor kitchen next to pool

image via www.homeepiphany.com

captivating outdoor kitchen design

image via www.ciaobellainteriors.net

covered outdoor kitchen space

image via mipikson.dvrlists.com

outdoor kitchen with pizza oven

image via freshome.com

nice outdoor kitchen set up

image via bgliving.com

amazing outdoor kitchen design

image via www.homeepiphany.com

outdoor kitchen with green countertops

image via www.decoware.info

outdoor kitchen with stone fireplace

image via sarutobi.dvrlists.com

indoor/outdoor kitchen space with fireplace

image via www.ciaobellainteriors.net

beautiful outdoor kitchen set up with green chairs

image via www.homrem.com

beautiful outdoor kitchen in florida

image via phoenixd.co

outdoor kitchen design with ceiling

image via cabinetmania.com

modern outdoor kitchen with patio

image via freshome.com

incredible modern kitchen

image via phoenixd.co

covered outdoor kitchen with seating

image via www.design-decoration-ideas.com

simple outdoor kitchen design

image via www.theoffiz.com

awesome outdoor kitchen with fire place

image via brit.co

outdoor kitchen with stone flooring

image via drawhome.com

outdoor kitchen with black furniture

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beautiful stone outdoor kitchen

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25 Kitchen Ideas with Beautiful Backsplash

If you haven’t already noticed, kitchen ideas can get pretty overwhelming, and picking the perfect backsplash is no exception. In kitchens everywhere, many people take pride in their kitchen backsplash, and it’s easy to see why. Although not necessarily means to be the ‘main event’ these areas often have the ability to attract a lot of attention. Not only can a backsplash be made from a variety of materials, but backsplashes can also come in several shapes, sizes, and designs. While this job may seem like a lot to handle, it’s a task that you’ll definitely want to take seriously. Your backsplash can be a great way to incorporate fun colors into your space while also bringing in some of your favorite elements of style and design. With that being said, here are some things to consider when trying to select a backsplash.

  • Color or pattern – Picking a color for a room in your house is never easy, but it’s always something you’ll want to spend a decent amount of time thinking about. When it comes to the backsplash in your kitchen, it’s important to consider whether or not you want a backsplash that is colorful or neutral. You’ll always want to make sure that you go with something that blends in to the overall color and design of your kitchen.
  • Material – As mentioned before, backsplashes can be made from numerous materials. The number of options may leave you stuck on the fence, but Fireclay Tile has some helpful information: ” If your kitchen is rustic or industrial, Brick might work best.  If it is clean and contemporary, a crisp matte glaze from our ceramic Tile line will probably be your best bet. “
  • Think about your countertops – Since your kitchen countertops and your backsplash will have a very close relationship, it’s important to bring your counters into consideration when thinking of ideas for your backsplash. Fireclay Tile says, “If you choose a colorful countertop material such as in the kitchen below you’ll want to choose a neutral tile color (but you can still go wild with pattern!).  If your countertops are neutral, choose tile that complements the texture and tone of the countertop material.”
  • Budget – Last but certainly not least, coming up with a budget is essential. As with the rest of your kitchen ideas, things can add up pretty quickly, and it’s important that you know just how much you want to spend. How much money you’re willing to spend will play a big role in the material you choose, and you’ll want to carefully look into your options before making any final decisions.

kitchen with beautiful blue backsplash

image via www.housebeautiful.com

multi colored kitchen backsplash

image via hgtv.com

simple marble tile kitchen backsplash

image via www.home-designing.com

kitchen with backsplash made of rocks

image via woohome.com

diy kitchen backsplash design

image via kitchen.mydreamparty.com

brick kitchen backsplash

image via www.countryliving.com

wonderful green kitchen backsplash

image via fashionretailnews.com

cool silver kitchen backsplash

image via blulok.dvrlists.com

silver kitchen backsplash ideas

image via spaziodesignsla.com

stainless steel kitchen backsplash

image via hometalk.com

rustic kitchen with backsplash

image via www.ecoleyesican.com

white subway tile kitchen backsplash

image via bedalan.com

blue country kitchen backsplash

image via living.sevenquilts.com

colorful creative kitchen backsplash

image via www.zippermowers.co

colorful dark kitchen backsplash

image via news.arcilook.com

light blue kitchen backsplash

image via www.decorola.com

creative kitchen backsplash

image via design-milk.com

beautiful and colorful kitchen backsplash

image via www.expoluzrd.com

rustic kitchen with wooden backsplash

image via homebnc.com

mosaic style kitchen backsplash

image via hgtv.com

bright red kitchen backsplash

image via www.countryliving.com

small kitchen with trendy blue backsplash

image via boljug.com

kitchen backsplash with colorful pictures

image via www.eatwell101.com

deep red kitchen backsplash

image via hit.thesuvnews.com

all white kitchen backsplash

image via wayfair.com

lead image via www.homeepiphany.com


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