The Top 10 New Smart Home Appliances

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In a world where technology is now part of almost every aspect of life, smart home appliances have become more and more popular. Although the average person doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about their appliances, the truth is they’re a necessary part of any home, and now, they can do their job like never before. Thanks to advances in technology, simple daily tasks have become much easier, much more efficient, much cooler, and last but not least, much smarter.  These new smart home appliances are able to do things that once seemed impossible, and  they might be just what you need to make your home run more smoothly. If you’re looking for a way to make your home feel modern, here are the top 10 new smart home appliances.

LG Smart ThinQ Refrigerator with 8 inch LCD Screen and WiFi

LG Smart ThinQ Super-Capacity 3 Door French Door Refrigerator with 8″ Wi-Fi LCD Screen

Long gone are the days when a refrigerator is just a refrigerator. This smart fridge by LG goes above and beyond when it comes to getting the job done, and it does it all with style. This unit features a beautiful french door design and an extra-large capacity. The LCD screen allows you to manage the temperature of the while the door is closed, and WiFi capabilities can be used with an app to help you manage the contents of your fridge.

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LG Hom-Bot

Red LG Home Bot

Let’s face it, nobody likes to vacuum. However, thanks to this little smart appliance, cleaning your home can now be as easy as flicking a switch. This Hom-Bot by LG has taken this robotic vacuum technology that was originally introduced several years ago and made it even better. The Home Bot is not only capable of cleaning your floors, but it can also memorize the layout of your home, so that it can effectively clean every room without getting lost or back tracking.

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GE Cafe Series Oven

GE Cafe Series Oven

If you love to cook, you’re going to love this amazing oven by GE. Not only can this unit perform all of the typical functions you’d expect from an oven, but it’s got a few pretty cool tricks up its sleeve. With this smart appliance you no longer have to stand around and wait for the oven to heat up; instead, the corresponding app allows you to turn on the oven from anywhere – even if you aren’t home. Your mobile device will let you know when the oven is heated, and you can even set cooking timers directly from the app.

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Whirlpool Front Load Washer with 6th Sense Live Technology

Whirlpool Smart Front Load Washer with 6th Sense Live Technology

One of the greatest things about smart home appliances is that they’re able to take the idea of convenience to a whole new level. This smart washing machine by Whirlpool uses “6th sense” technology to allow people to stay connected to their machine at all times. Using an app, you can control the washer even when you’re away from home, and the technology also allows you to know how much energy the machine is using and can alert you on when you need more detergent.

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Whirlpool Washer with 6th Sense Live Technology

Whirlpool Smart Dishwasher with 6th Sense Live technology

Similar to the technology used in the Whirlpool smart washing, this dishwasher allows you to use your mobile device to control the machine while your away. The machine can also alert you on the progress of your load, and keep track of your soap supply.

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K7-F Digital Faucet

K7 F-Digital Faucet by Grohe

When you think of smart home appliances, a faucet probably isn’t one of the things that comes to mind. However, this high-tech new faucet by Grohe is changing the game. Using wireless technology, this device can be controlled by a “puck” that allows you to change the speed of the water’s flow. You can also see tell the temperature of the water by looking at the color ring on the “puck.”

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Nest Thermostat 

Nest Thermostat

While smart appliances are great for bringing some added convenience to your home, they can also be great for saving money. This thermostat by Nest learns the temperature patterns of your home and can control your heat and/or air conditioning while you’re away from home. In the long run, this device can help you save approximately 20% on your heating/cooling bill.

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GE Smart Washer and Dryer

GE Washer & Dryer With Smart Technology

This matching washer/dryer set by GE is everything you need to make your laundry routine even easier. Using the app, you can monitor your current loads, change cycles, create custom cycles, and receive other alerts. You can even set the dryer to run a fluff cycle when you’re away from home so that you don’t have to worry about having your laundry sit in the dryer and wrinkle.

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Smart Crockpot

Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker Wemo Enabled

Crockpots have been around for a while, and they haven’t changed much over the years. However, this new model takes full advantage of some of the great things that technology has to offer. Using a mobile app, you can now control the temperature of the crockpot even while you’re out of the house. You can also set the crockpot to begin cooking, warm food that’s already been cooked, and schedule the time that you want your food to be done.

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Powerbot by Samsung

Powerbot by Samsung

Like the Hom-Bot, the Powerbot by Samsung is another smart appliance that will make keeping your home clean easier than ever before. This device has an on-board camera that allows the Powerbot to determine the best cleaning path for your home. It also comes with a remote that also makes this a really useful tool for spot cleaning.

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