Poverty in the U.S.: The Poorest Towns in Every State

New Square, New York

new square

Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

Median Household Income: $23,924
Poverty Rate: 64.4%
Population: 7,995
Median Home Value: $338,200

Uhm, can we talk about the home value versus the median household income? What is that?! Not all of New York is glitz, glamour, and riches — and New Square, New York, proves that. The state has one of the worst income equalities in the entire US. Just 60 miles away from New Square is East Hills, where the typical household earns approximately $200k a year.

This is one of those states that more than prove how income and cost of living can vary so much from town to town within a small distance from one another.

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