Poverty in the U.S.: The Poorest Towns in Every State

Sisseton, South Dakota

Sisseton, South Dakota

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Median Household Income: $38,500
Poverty Rate: 22.8%
Population: 2,548
Median Home Value: $70,100

One in every five residents of Sisseton rely on SNAP benefits, significantly higher than the 10.6% that is the state’s average. 8.4% of households in Sisseton earn less than $10k a year.

Sisseton is located within Roberts County, South Dakota, and has a population of a little more than 2,500. One of its main attractions is the Nicollet Tower, an 80-foot high observation tower where visitors can view three states (South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota), six counties, 11 communities, and the Continental Divide all at once.

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