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Wyoming best pizza Pinky G's Pizzeria

Wyoming: Pinky G’s Pizzeria

Pinky G’s Pizzeria, located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is a popular spot for both locals and tourists looking for a delicious pizza experience. The restaurant offers a variety of unique and creative pizza options, ranging from classic cheese and pepperoni to more adventurous options like the “Big Lebowski” with white sauce, mozzarella, sausage, and caramelized onions.

One of the restaurant’s signature dishes is their “Jersey Girl,” which features mozzarella, ricotta, meatballs, and marinara sauce. Pinky G’s also offers a selection of salads, sandwiches, and appetizers to accompany their pizzas. In addition to their delicious food, the restaurant also has a lively and fun atmosphere, with a full bar and outdoor seating during the warmer months. Pinky G’s has become a beloved staple in the Jackson Hole community, and is definitely worth a visit for anyone in the area.