20 Reality TV Shows that are Completely Fake


The term reality is often far from the truth, especially as it pertains to television. Some of our favorite reality shows are entertaining to watch, but not all that real. While I certainly do love watching the Real Housewives of Orange County whoop it up and have a good time, I’m perfectly aware that the reality is that these women are placed in staged situations in which they are encouraged to argue, fight and engage with one another in a way that wouldn’t ordinarily happen in real life. Sorry to disappoint, people, but it seems that some of our favorite reality shows are far from reality. Read on to find out which ones.

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real housewives

The Real Housewives of…Pick any City

This is clearly not reality television. For one, these women don’t always know one another before they are put together and expected to spend ample time together. They don’t always speak outside of filming and they do not usually run in the same circles, but they are asked to do so for filming purposes. This is what creates drama. They are asked to air their dirty laundry on television, to cause fights in public places and to handle their business on television instead of in private. It’s not scripted, but it’s certainly manipulated to make things happen at a certain place and time, and it goes for all women in all the cities.

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hardcore pawn

Hardcore Pawn

This is a show that is so fake it’s obvious. All you have to do is watch the actors on the show to see that their fights are completely silly and they are not even remotely realistic in any way. They are clearly staged and the actors that are in the show are working so hard to portray something so fake that they can’t even get their lines straight from time to time. Additionally, no real business owner has a policy that demands that the employees insult their customers.

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The Bachelor

We know that the people chosen to be on the show are real, and some of the contestants are real. But is has long since been said that some of the women who are chosen to be contestants on the show are actresses that are being paid handsomely to portray a certain character that makes television interesting, like the mean girl, the dumb girl, the emotional girl or the always really drunk girl. Additionally, producers encourage fights by outing others and their statements and by plying these women with alcohol so that they’re more likely to comply.

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The Bachelorette

What’s meaner than making a woman fall in love with a man who doesn’t love her back? How about making a woman think that the men in the house are all there for her, when there is a chance only a few really are? Most of the men in this house are actors who are being paid to be there, to be a certain kind of personality and to keep things interesting. And admittedly, these are often the people we speak most about and have the most fun with. However, that does not mean that they’re ‘there for the right reasons.’

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judge judy

Judge Judy

We love her, so we’re not hating on her at all. However, she’s an arbitration judge, which means that she’s not hearing real court cases. She’s hearing things that aren’t in court yet. It’s been said that the people who are on the show (and we can admit that sometimes their issues are a little….stupid) are being paid to pretend to have these problems so that they can make good television. Whatever works. It’s made Judge Judy famous and exceptionally rich, and it’s made us love her even more with her awesome personality.

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dr. phil

Dr. Phil

Some people love him, and some people find him to be quite a silly man with a silly personality. I will withhold my judgment and merely state that he is practicing his job without a license. He first lost his license in the 80s when he had an inappropriate relationship with a patient he allowed to come work for him, got it back and then it expired. There is a rumor that he’s never renewed his license and that he is not really working since he’s not done so. This means his patients are not real.

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hells kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen

We all know and love Gordon Ramsay and his very bad temper, but there is some speculation that the show is entirely scripted. In fact, it’s been said that the acting on this show is so bad that it’s not even funny. Some say that if you watch the people dining in the scenes on this show, you will remember them from previous episodes because they are all actors and actresses being paid to do their jobs and make sure that the scenes are just as good as the producers hoped that they’d be.

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house hunters

House Hunters

This is a great reality show on HGTV, but it’s long been said that the people picked on the show are already living in their houses and have already made them their own. This means that they’re pretending to look for homes while they are already living in the home that they bought just so that they can entertain the world. After all, it would be pointless to follow couples around as they looked for a home and could not find one – so what a safe way to man this ship.

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pimp my ride

Pimp My Ride

Okay, so Xzibit was awesome on this show, but it turns out that he was not as awesome as most of us would like to believe. In fact, it turns out that sometimes it took as many as six months for these cars to be taken care of and that most of them never actually ran, they just had props put on them for show so that they could look good for the television cameras. It’s a thought, don’t you think?

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Keeping Up with the Kardashians

There is no way to assume that this is a show that is real. There have been plenty of times when even the people on the show have admitted that they were not allowed around their family or allowed to discuss certain things with someone they have a problem with until cameras are rolling. It’s a loose representation of what their lives are like, but it’s not a real portrayal of what their lives are like considering the fact that they are often manipulated and asked to wait to live their lives until the cameras are rolling.

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the hills

The Hills

It’s been years since the young people from Southern California who appeared on the show admitted that the show was entirely scripted. Some of the former ‘reality’ stars from this series have admitted that they were given loose scripts to follow, told where to go and encouraged to behave in a certain way when they arrived. This means that they were put into situations and manipulated into creating the kind of drama that the show wanted to air, and it was brilliantly done.

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jersey shore

Jersey Shore

Here is another one in which a group of people are expected to live together and act like best friends when they don’t even have real relationships outside the house. Some do, but their relationships are portrayed quite a bit differently than they actually are in real life. Again, producers of this show are often accused of manipulating the characters so that they can do what they want, when they want so that it’s captured on television so that everyone can see what is happening for pure entertainment value.

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smack down

Smack Down

Anyone that still thinks that professional wrestling is real is crazy. These are clearly very scripted, and you can even see that most of the hits and moves don’t actually bring about any contact between the two people in question. All this means is that this is an entirely scripted show. Producers that used to work on the show have even come forward to admit that they often knew who would win and what the outcome would be weeks in advance since it was all part of the scripted outcomes that make for good television.

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the city

The City

The character from this one, Whitney Port, was a spin off character from The Hills. She went to New York City to live and work and she was introduced to certain people in the industry and she was put into situations that the producers wanted on camera. This sometimes means that she would have to interact with people she might not choose to interact with and go to events she would not normally go to simply so that she could get the producers what they wanted on television.

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mob wives

Mob Wives

Essentially, you have women who are related to – in some way – men who have mafia and mob ties, which is already a bit disgraceful, and then you put them on television so that they can fight, brawl and call it a day. These are not normally women that spend much time together, but producers want them at the same parties. This means that the production crews sets these women up at parties and events that they would not normally go to so that we can see them fighting and arguing and misbehaving for entertainment purposes. They’ll bring up things that others did to them so that the women become angry and look to start a fight.

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real world

The Real World

It seems that even producers of the show have come forward to admit that the ‘reality’ show is not that realistic. It turns out that the people who are chosen to live together in this house are actually scripted to say and do certain things, and that while some of what goes on is reality, most is not. That’s what the case is in many parts of reality television; characters are given a partial script and told to make certain things happen on camera for entertainment value.

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breaking amish

Breaking Amish

There’s been some speculation that the people on this show are not really as close to one another as their relationships suggest that they are. Whether or not this is true is still a mystery, but one thing is absolutely certain; there is no way this is real. The real Amish are exceptionally religious and dedicated to their beliefs and would not be welcome back into their lives following something like this, which is living in New York City and experiencing the kind of life they were taught to avoid.

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storage wars

Storage Wars

There is a law in California that states any unpaid balance on a storage unit for more than three months is going up for auction. There is nothing that the owners can do about this once the time frame is up, and that means that they’re going to have to work hard to make sure that they are able to pay for their belongings. However, it’s been said that the show is staged and that producers put stuff into the lockers so that it makes the show more interesting, especially since most of the time the items in these lockers are far from interesting in every manner of speaking.

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Restaurant Stakeout

This is a show that airs on the Food Network and is designed to catch employees at certain restaurants misbehaving. However, it’s been confirmed by several sources and widely publicized that it’s not just the undercover diners that are actors, but also the employees of these restaurants. That means that they’re all being hired to do a job to make a good television show that will bring in ratings and make ample money for the Food Network.

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There is some rumor to this one that the people who make it onto the show are preselected and the judges know ahead of time that the winner will be a certain person. This is not something that’s been confirmed, but it’s been alleged and spoken by members of the staff and the production crew for a long time. It’s hard to ignore rumors like that when they keep coming from those who no longer work on the show and in production.

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Written by Tiffany Raiford