Double Wall Oven: 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In This Kitchen Appliance

Double Wall Oven

Whether you are preparing small meals for your family or even large ones for that holiday celebration, you need to have the most efficient kitchen appliance; a double wall oven. The technology behind this type of oven is that there is a small fan that circulates hot air in the oven’s interior hence broil, bake or roast food evenly, unlike in conventional ovens. In addition, you do not have to worry about kitchen space as this appliance is affixed directly to one of the kitchen’s walls at an eye level. However, this oven does not come with a cook top but this should not be a big concern as you can easily cook food at different temperatures.

Its control features are built on top or in between its ovens making them easily accessible by users. The control features offer a wide number of settings, making you the sole controller of how you want the food cooked. Moreover, thanks to these flexible controls, you got the power to prepare multiple dishes, making use of dual power hence saving you time and energy expenses in the long run.

Benefits of Double Wall Ovens over Conventional Ovens

  • Double wall ovens use a fan to circulate hot air in its interior. The fan is built at the back of the oven and kicks in after selecting the convection setting. For conventional ovens, hot air just hangs around inside without getting circulated.
  • With double walled ovens, you are sure of getting evenly cooked food, for example when baking cakes or roasting chunks of meat. With a conventional range, since there is no circulation of air, the inner part of the cake or meat may not get cooked, as the hot air cannot reach it adequately hence uneven browning.
  • With double wall ovens you do not have to bend or twist your body into different positions when accessing its interior in order to remove food or heavy roast. Remember most single wall range, you may twist your body into a pretzel to remove whatever is cooking inside your oven.
  • Owners can prepare different foods simultaneously using double wall ovens since its controls or settings can be set to offer different temperatures to cook food. When it comes to conventional ovens, this gamble may be too risky since it only has a single interior compartment and works with only the set temperatures.
  • Double walled ranges have more features unlike conventional ovens. For example, most of them have an added moisture function that simply bursts steam into the oven in order to retain the moisture on the food. Conventional ovens do not have this extra feature.
  • Installation of a double wall is done by affixing the range into the kitchen’s wall. This is helpful to those remodeling or building new houses as it saves more space around the kitchen. Since most conventional ovens are typically stand in appliances with cooktops, owners cannot affix them to walls as it will hinder cooking activities.
  • Self-cleaning options come in handy with maintaining hygiene of food and the kitchen area. Double walls have the best cleaning options; heat. In this type of oven, it locks itself, heats up to about 500 degrees Celsius, heating the spilled food into ashes where the owner comes in to wipe the ash off. Conventional ovens clean using heat and water, usually at lower temperatures.
  • Double wall ovens come with longer warranties compared to conventional ovens. This is because, these ovens there design is sophisticated; numerous settings and controls which require adequate warranties. Conventional ranges do not have many features hence reduced warranty time periods.
  • Shoppers need to brace themselves to pay higher prices for a double wall oven. A conventional oven can be less than $700 but comes with manual cleaning. An efficient double may go up to $3,500 or more, but comes with excellent convection heating.
  • A wall double range, you will cook with less time wasted on switching multiple foods in the ovens, hence impress your guests with your perfectly timed cooking. A conventional oven takes much time in getting food prepared, not mentioning the probability of getting the food unevenly cooked in the long run.

Top Double Walled Ranges

Whirlpool WOD93EC0AS

Probably the best and relatively cheap range currently, this range offers both convection and thermal cooking technology. Additionally, it’s spacious, offering more room to cook different foods. There are a number of preheat or warming features, hence saving on time in the kitchen. The maker offers up to four exterior color options, letting you land the best that suits your kitchen.

The Frigidaire FGET3065PF

This oven provides a full feature set, with convention capability in each of its ovens. It has close to 4.6 cubic feet of cooking room and six cooking racks. Comes with steam cleaning options but shoppers can also use the traditional heat self-cleaning cycle. It also has the shortest self-cleaning cycle; only two hours, thanks to these features. Moreover, it’s uses electric energy and comes with three color choices.

Maytag MEW963ODS

With a provision of up to 10-years as warranty for its parts and maintenance, this range boasts of enough room space in it. Its interior is 4.6 cubic feet in each of its oven. This space makes it an excellent choice for cooking casseroles and other large dishes. You can also cook a number of dishes in it, as it comes with additional features such as pre heat option and delayed bake settings.

Kitchen Aid KODT100ESS 

This range boasts of being the largest wall double, up to 5 cubic feet, hence offering enough room for baking, roasting or broiling food. The down to is that it has limited number of features but the easy to use touch in controls makes it excellent for use in large families that have little kids as naughty kids cannot open it when it’s in use.

All in all, a double wall range will help you impress your family and friends with perfect timed cooking capabilities. In addition, you got plenty of interior room to prepare a number of dishes. However, if your kitchen area is large, you may consider to buy a range with a good cooking top.


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