20 Gorgeous Glass Kitchen Countertops

frosted glass kitchen countertops

In many homes, the kitchen countertops are one of the last things to get noticed – and subsequently renovated. Of course people want countertops that are nice looking and relatively easy to clean, but this is one area where creativity is lacking in many households. Think about it, when’s the last time you walked into a kitchen and noticed the countertops immediately — or even at all? Probably never. However, while most people think that only marble, granite, or linoleum are suitable for kitchen countertops, there are other options out there – with glass being one of the most stunning. That’s right, glass. Sure, glass has a reputation for being extremely fragile, but when used correctly, they can really make kitchen countertops come to life. Glass countertops can look great in any kitchen, and they can also be molded and crafted to fit any kitchen design. Whether you want something clear, frosted, or colorful – there’s definitely something for you out there. If you’ve been trying to figure out a cool and unique way to breathe new life into your kitchen – this might be just what you need. Here are 20 gorgeous glass kitchen countertops.

thick glass kitchen countertop

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kitchen island with glass countertop

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glowing glass kitchen countertops

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fusion glass kitchen countertop

image via houzz.com

foggy glass kitchen countertop

image via cbdglass.com

beautiful glass countertop

image via decoist.com

glowing glass countertops

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luxurious kitchen with lighted glass countertops

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blue glass tiled countertop

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kitchen with stunning glass countertops

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kitchen with colorful glass countertops

image via woohomedesigns.com

sleek glass countertop

image via www.brookscustom.com

water-like glass kitchen countertops

image via luxuryroom.co

wavy glass kitchen countertop

image via thefridge.net

blue glass kitchen countertops

image via 5osa.com

recycled glass kitchen ountertop

image via lushome.com

green glass kitchen countertops

image via interiorish.blogspot.com

colorful glass countertops

image via homedecorexamples.com

blue kitchen stove top counter

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Contemporary Kitchen Glass Counter

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