10 Home Decor Trends that Will Shape 2017

2016 was an interesting time in the home decor world, and it saw quite a few trends come and go. Some of the biggest hits were vintage florals, using marble as an accent rather than a material plastered all over the house, and turning bathrooms into living spaces that are akin to mini retreats.

The gallery wall was still big in 2016, although that trend is probably on its way out in the next one or two years. Faux fur came back, but only in small doses, and geometric prints and patterns made a big style impact on everything from textiles to artwork. 2017 will see the return of many of the previous year’s top trends, such as updated neutrals, global textiles, and Shiplap, and some new elements are expected to come into play as well. Here are ten home decor trends that will be big in 2017.

1. Incorporating more organic elements

This has much to do with so many people stepping back towards nature in their lives, whether it be more carefully scrutinizing what they eat and wear or how they spend their spare time. This will be reflected in the home with more extensive use of natural and organic materials such as woods, stone, plants, and a move towards bringing the outside in. Sites that feature home decor trends will feature a lot more foliage and earthy looking designs in 2017.

2. True vintage pieces

Incorporating vintage elements into home decor has been a big trend in recent years, but it tended to be vintage pieces that were re-purposed, painted beyond recognition, and altered. In 2017 expect to see vintage pieces come back in their original and unaltered states. This is great news for those who love thrift store and estate sale shopping, as well as anyone with a nice collection of vintage decor and glassware that hasn’t been re-made into something more modern looking.

3. Cork and reclaimed wood

Cork and reclaimed woods will be in next year, but in large swaths rather than small pieces. Think entire feature walls covered in cork, such as the one in this stylish bedroom. These utility materials will be especially popular with those who prefer low maintenance homes, as well as homeowners with pets or kids.

4. Earthy looking pastels

2016 saw the ouster of boring neutrals and pastels, and in 2017 that will continue with the prevalence of earthy pastels that look like they were plucked from nature. Soft sage green, French lavender, and light shades of turquoise are good examples. These colors will be especially popular in bedrooms and bathrooms, where their presence helps create a restful, relaxing, and soothing vibe. This bedroom clad in soft shades of green, neutrals, and natural decor is a stunning example of what we’ll start seeing more of next year.

5. Using maximum space

Real estate numbers have shown that the popularity of McMansions is on the decline, and more people are looking for smaller and more affordable digs. This is especially true of millennials, which is why designs that maximize space are becoming more in demand. Remember when houses were built with seemingly useless and unnecessarily long corridors, entryways without much function, and designs that were about spreading out rather than being efficient? The home decor trends that you’ll see in 2017 will seek to offset such designs and create living spaces that put as much square footage as possible to work. The super stylish and efficiently laid out studio apartment in this photo is a reflection of where home design is going.

6. Terracotta

Another natural material that’s expected to be everywhere in 2017 is terracotta. Cool and white tones are currently what’s in, and that’s not going to completely go away. However, the trend is headed towards using more matte finishes and warmer tones, which is why terracotta fits in perfectly. Small touches of the material here and there will be enough to make homes feel more cozy and comforting, such as the awesome planter in this photo.

7. Upholstered headboards

Tufted and fabric covered headboards have been going for several years now, and it’s going to hit even harder in 2017. Not only are upholstered headboards an easy way to add color, texture, and visual interest to any bedroom, they also instantly elevate the style of a space and make it look more upscale and refined. The green upholstered headboard with nail head trim here is not only luxurious looking but it adds a great pop of color.

8. Deep greens and jewel tones

If you thought that jewel tones went out a few years ago, they’re one of the home decor trends that’s going to make a resurgence in 2017. This is a good thing, as jewel tones will perfectly complement Pantone’s new Color of the Year, a vibrant shade called Greenery that will start popping up on home decor blogs soon. If you’re looking to paint an accent wall or want to update your throw pillows with more color, look towards deep jewel tones for the new year.

9. Black stainless steel

Polished stainless steel was all the rage in 2016, but now a new player is coming into the picture: black stainless steel. It looks even more sleek and modern, plus it’s a sophisticated turn from the norm. Everything from refrigerators to washers and dryers are debuting with this new exterior option, and more home decor bloggers are starting to show off their new black stainless steel appliances. It will be prevalent in the kitchen and laundry room in 2017 for sure.

10. Lucite furniture

Lucite never caught on quite as well as mid-century modern furniture, even though both started coming to the forefront around the same time. However, while the latter is slowly on its way out, Lucite is coming in as the material of choice for home furniture. Not only is it chic and quite adaptable, Lucite is visually lightweight and will be seen in homes of all sizes. From bedrooms to bathrooms, dining areas, and living rooms, expect to see chairs and tables made from this material make a huge splash.

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