10 Beautiful Rooms Decorated with Shiplap


If you are unfamiliar with Shiplap, then you may find this term to be confusing and unusual. Now, what exactly is Shiplap. It is a type of wooden board made from pine with a rough hewn texture and grooves cut into the top and bottom. The grooves allow for each piece to fit together tightly to form a tight seal. It produces a distinctive look with horizontal revels between each piece. Traditionally, Shiplap uses were for constructing the exterior of sheds, countryside barns, and other rustic buildings.

Recently, Shiplap has become a sought after choice for interior finishes. HGTV’s show, Fixer Upper, has ignited a new interest in Shiplap and has contributed to its popularity. Also, it adds rustic charm and subtle texture to any room. It is an ideal way to add character to any room. You actually have two options for incorporating Shiplap. You can use the real wooden paneling or apply MDF boards to your drywall. Shiplap is usable for floors, walls, and ceilings. Designers have the choice of placing it horizontally or vertically.

Even though Shiplap is considered a rustic material, it can be used in any room to produce a beautiful and luxurious look. Following are some gorgeous rooms that use Shiplap.

1. Luxurious Lake House Living Room


This living room features large windows and French Doors that showcase the panoramic views of the lake. Shiplap frames the windows. The Shiplap’s colors of white, tan, and light gray are a perfect match for the furnishings, fireplace and decor in the room.The featured colors of the room are white, brown, and light gray. The flooring is brownish gray hardwood. Aged looking wooden beams and recessed lights highlight the ceiling. The furniture consists of two tan leather chairs with a lamp between them. Also, there are two light gray suede sofas. The perfect hues of the colors enhance the sophistication of this room. This design works everywhere. It is not limited to a lake or vacation home setting.

2. A Living Room with Colonial Appeal


Shiplap is a perfect material to use in this living room that has elements of the past incorporated in the decor. Reminders of the past include two accent chairs that feature designs from the Colonial Period. A focal point of the room is an aged green chalkboard that hangs above the sofa on the white Shiplap wall. The chandelier looks like it uses flames from candles to provide light. The colors featured in the room are brown, gray, light beige, and white. Dark hardwood is used for flooring. A light beige area rug with a wooden cocktail table are centered in the room. This room uses elements in decor from the past and the present….a perfect setting for using Shiplap.

3. A Fancy Family Room


This family room which is adjacent to the kitchen and dining room uses white Shiplap on the walls and a light hue of tan on the vaulted ceiling. The chandelier and scrolled cocktail table add elegance to the room. The floor is covered with white carpet. The white sofa is accented with yellow and flowered pillows. Two light gray and white patterned chairs complete the decor. This room is all about textures and geometric shapes.

4. Traditional Family Room


This room features several ways to use Shiplap in different orientations, sizes, and colors. The thin light blue Shiplap that is used on the ceiling gives a feeling of space and peacefulness. White Shiplap is used on the walls. The chimney is encased in wide Shiplap boards while much slimmer boards are used on the wall. The furniture complements the blue and white colors of the Shiplap. The medium blue chairs and the ottoman (which are trimmed with white) add a sense of comfort to the room. The white leather sofa provides an elegant touch. The accents of candles and plates around the mantel correlate perfectly with the room. The striped area rug softens the tiles on the floor. This room has all of the features that you would expect in a family room.

5. A Room with Relaxing Hidden Areas


In this room, white Shiplap is used on the walls and the ceiling. On each side of the fireplace, there are built-in reading nooks that have shelves filled with books. These reading nooks are the perfect size for curling up with a good book. The furniture consists of two white plush chairs and two blue accent chairs. Light tan colored beams that are exposed break up the white ceiling. The floor features light brown hardwood and a slightly lighter area rug. A dark brown accent table grabs your attention. Large windows provide natural lighting for the room. This is definitely a room that is very relaxing.

6. Dining Room with an Elegant Touch


This dining room shows that Shiplap does not have to be white. The shade of brown of the Shiplap on the wall gives the room a warm and elegant touch. The trim work is a lighter shade of brown, and it matches the ceiling. The blue and black area rug provides an interesting look that ties in with the black dining chairs. Three floral arrangements on the dining table and the chandelier soften the feel of the room. This looks like the perfect place for family meals.

7. A Kitchen that is a Little Bit City and a Little Bit Country


At first glance, this appears to be your typical country looking kitchen, but typical does not mean boring or cheap. This kitchen is appropriate for use in any type of home in any area (from busy cities to farms). The use of subway tiles and hanging metal lights provide a contemporary touch. The farmhouse sink is a very popular item at this time. Items on the open shelves give the room a country feel. Shiplap is used horizontally on the ceiling and floors. Shiplap is placed vertically on the walls. This provides a way for your eyes to recognize different line patterns. The use of the colors white and light beige makes the kitchen look clean. Another contrast in this room is the combination of using items that appear to be brand new with items that have an aged appearance. This is truly a unique look, but it works very well.

8. A Simple Bedroom with Touches of Class


The use of white Shiplap on the walls provides a sense of depth for the space. This room features a beige tufted headboard for a king size bed. The dark, metal light provides a stark, but interesting contrast to the mood of the room. A large tan and brown area rug that extends from under the bed blends in nicely with the hardwood flooring. The frames on the wall capture all of the colors used in the bedroom. This room combines simplicity with elegance.

9. Marvelous Master Bedroom


In this lovely bedroom, Shiplap on the ceiling is used as a central element for creating a feeling of endless space for comfort. The vaulted ceiling contributes to the feeling of openness. Also, the bluish sea foam color of the Shiplap provides a very peaceful mood. The comforter, pillows, curtains, and chairs are all color coordinated to match the Shiplap ceiling. This is the perfect place to just drift away for a few hours.

10. A Polished Master Bathroom


This bathroom uses a lot of Shiplap. It covers the ceiling, walls, and floors. The Shiplap on the ceiling and walls is light gray while the floors are light tan. Shiplap is used to construct the elegant interior shutters. All of the trim work is white. The marble on the vanity incorporates all of the colors used in the room. Soft lighting is featured on each side of the large rectangular mirror. This room really shows how Shiplap can give a polished look to a room.

Shiplap is not just for a country home or a beach cottage. It can be used in classic and traditional homes. A lot of people think that Shiplap is only white and should be used exclusively on walls. This simply is not true. It can be painted any color and used on ceiling, floors, or walls. It is up to you to decide how much you want to use. If you are unsure if Shiplap is for you, start out by using it as an accent wall.

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