100 Tiny Houses That Make Downsizing Look Good

modern tiny home in the dark

Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself, ‘wow, I really want to live in a tiny house,’? Probably not. In our society, having a large house is a sign of status and that’s something most people aren’t willing to give up. On top of that, many people already feel pressed for space, and trying to figure out how to cram themselves and their belongings into something smaller seems almost impossible.

However, these days there is a shift underway, and moving into tiny houses is something that lots of people are doing by choice.  In recent years, tiny houses have become increasingly popular. Although “bigger is better” is a phrase that many people live by, tiny houses have managed to attract the attention of people all over the world despite their much smaller size. In fact, those who are willing to sacrifice a little space will find that tiny houses actually have plenty of pros that may make them well worth the downsize.

Not only are tiny houses less expensive than traditional homes, but they also come with several other great qualities that make them the perfect option. For many people, the good definitely outweighs the bad, but others struggle to see how moving into a smaller space could ever be considered any sort of upgrade.

Some of the pros of living in a tiny house include,

  • Mobility. Due to their small size, and the fact that they can be built on wheels, tiny houses can be incredibly mobile. Those who aren’t 100% committed to living in one place for a long time may find that tiny houses are well-suited for their needs.
  • Affordable. Tiny houses are generally far less expensive than larger more traditional houses. For people who want to own a home, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, tiny houses provide a fun and economical option. On top of that, utilities will also likely be lower in tiny houses due to their size.
  • Less clutter. It goes without saying that living in a small space means that organization is a major key. Tiny houses force people to only keep the necessities they need for daily life and get rid of many items that are doing nothing more than taking up space.
  • Cozy. Who doesn’t want their house to be cozy? Tiny houses’ lack of space generally makes them have that nice comfortable and cozy feeling that many people love.
  • Stylish designs. When some people think of tiny houses, they automatically think that these smaller dwellings must be lacking in the style department. However, that isn’t always true. Tiny houses can come in a wide variety of styles and designs which may even allow you to let your creative side get a little exercise.
  • Easy to clean. Having less space to live in means there is less space to clean. Tiny houses can have your cleaning routine chopped down to just a fraction of the time. If you’re like me, and don’t particularly enjoy cleaning, this is a pretty big pro.

Some of the cons of living in a tiny house include,

  • Lack of living space. This is the most obvious con of living in a tiny house. For many people, downsizing to such a small space just simply isn’t feasible. There’s no doubt that you will have to make some alterations to your life if you decide to move into or build a tiny house.  Even basic daily activities such as eating and showering may be a bit difficult due to a lack of space. If you’re the kind of person who spends a lot of time in the house, this is something you’ll definitely want to consider. No one wants to feel claustrophobic at home, but that feeling can easily come if you spend most of your day in a very tiny house.
  • Lack of storage space. Most of us already feel like we don’t have nearly enough space to put our stuff, so imagine what it would be like to have even less. Since tiny houses are already running low in the space department, you can expect that there won’t be much storage space of any kind. Of course, the lack of storage that comes with tiny houses will force you to get more creative with finding places to put your stuff, but that might not work for some people. For some people this might not be an issue, but for the average person who has a house or apartment full of things, not having enough storage space would certainly make the idea of a tiny house a no-go.
  • Lack of privacy and personal space. If you live alone this may not be much of an issue. But if you’re in a relationship or have a family, you may find that tiny houses just don’t provide enough privacy or personal space. If you’re in a bad mood and want to be left alone, good luck with that if you live in a tiny house. Having the option to isolate yourself in a certain room or part of the house may not be available.
  • Local laws and regulations. Since the tiny house trend is relatively new, many people are not well versed on some of the building and zoning requirements for tiny houses. This is why you should do your research before making a decision, but even after doing your research you may find that your city or state has regulations that may restrict some of the ideas you had for your tiny house.

Sure, tiny houses aren’t for everybody, but the more you know about them, the more you may find yourself wanting to live in one. People may think that all tiny houses are nothing but simple little shacks, but that isn’t the case. These homes can come in a wide variety of designs, each with something to offer.

25 Tiny Houses on Wheels

wooden tiny house with porch

Mobility is one of the biggest things that draws people to tiny houses. Think about how cool it must be to move your house when and where you want by simply attaching it to a truck. A house on wheels may not sound great, but just wait until you see what some of these bad boys have to offer.

Those who are worried that the wheels may create an unpleasant sight can rest assured that in many cases the wheels can be easily hidden. On top of that, tiny houses with wheels offer a new layer of flexibility for those who take the ‘get up and go’ approach to life. But while all of these options may sound good, keep in mind that living in a tiny house with wheels may be illegal depending on where you live. Before you decide to get all carried away, it might be a good idea to check with your city or town to see what some of the local laws are pertaining to tiny houses.

For many tiny house lovers, deciding to go with something on wheels was a no-brainer. Some of the pros of living in a tiny house on wheels include,

  • Not being attached to a specific location. Some people enjoy having the freedom to get up and go whenever they please. Thanks to tiny houses on wheels, they can now take their houses with them. If you want to live in a specific house, but not at a specific location, this could certainly be a plus for you. Of course, living in a trailer or RV can also offer a similar level of flexibility, but many people prefer tiny houses because their designs tend to be a bit more flexible and attractive.
  • Building and zoning regulations. According to Ethan, a blogger who lives in a tiny house on wheels, “This is one of the primary reasons that people choose to build their tiny houses on wheels. When you build your house on wheels, it is not legally considered a house…The trailer is registered with the department of motor vehicles. Legally, it’s not considered a house. Many jurisdictions have a minimum square-foot requirement for dwellings. That’s why you see many tiny houses under 100 square feet, because places that do have restrictions often do not regulate structures under 100 sf.” Keep in mind, however, that these regulations vary from place to place, so it’s always important to make sure that you’re staying within the correct rules.
  • Freedom. As you can see, one of the big pets to building tiny houses on wheels is freedom. Home ownership usually comes with lots of added responsibility, however, many of those responsibilities become non-existent when you live in a tiny house on wheels. Not only do tiny houses on wheels allow you the option to move whenever you please, but in many cases, you do not need to be a land owner to live in a tiny house on wheels.

wood and metal tiny house on wheels

image via www.thrillist.com

mini house with small square porch

image via www.tiny-house-living.com

exterior of tiny house in the woods

image via www.goodshomedesign.com

simple cement home on wheels

image via www.tinyhousetown.net

purple and brown tiny house

image via photos.hgtv.com

tiny carriage shaped house on wheels

image via www.lbcvidalia.com

tiny square wooden house in the woods

image via tinyhouseblog.com

adorable house on wheels

image via tinyhouseswoon.com

house on wheels with wooden door frame

image via houseplanning.xyz

tiny gray two story house

image via www.idesignarch.com

small gray house with lime green door

image via smallhouselover.com

small colorful home

image via www.snugshack.com

cute tiny home on a farm

image via 1080.plus

yellow tiny home on wheels

image via www.liberty.news

hikari box tiny home

image via www.tinyhousetown.net

light colored tiny home with wheels

image via www.greatestinteriordesign.com

tiny home on wheels with green roof

image via homedecomastery.com

wooden house with black top

image via phimhay.mobi

toy box tiny home with colorful sides

image via inhabitat.com

beautiful tiny home in field

image via bloomingrock.com

tall and narrow tiny home on wheels

image via finspi.com

two toned tiny home on wheels

image via www.thrillist.com

tiny home with outdoor bar

image via humble-homes.com

nice tiny home in the snow

image via creativeanchor.com

25 Tiny Houses with Unbelievable Views

Having a house with a view is something that many people dream of. Who wouldn’t like to get out of bed every morning and look out of the window to an incredible view? If you ask me, there’s no better way to get the day started. Unfortunately, with traditional homes, if your house doesn’t come with a view you’re just never going to have one. Or better yet, the size of your house may actually limit its ability to be placed in an area that provides the best view. However, with tiny houses, there’s a bit more flexibility in where your house can go, and for that reason, aligning yourself with a spectacular view is easier than ever before. Whether you love to see mountains, trees, water, or fields, the options are endless.

Some people may be wondering why having a nice view is so important, but there may actually be more to it than aesthetics. Views can actually affect our moods and mindsets. According to an experiment done in 1984 which studied patients’ recovery speed with a nice view of nature vs. a view of a brick wall, “patients with the better view recovered more quickly, had fewer negative comments about nurses and took fewer potent analgesics than those with the brick wall view.” According to psychologist, Sally Augustin, “Our brains change so slowly that things that made us comfortable in the environment in which we evolved are comforting to us now. Watching the countryside allows us to look at our world softly, easily, and consider what might happen to us next.” With that being said, tiny houses with great views can bring a new level of peace to your life and might be just as good for your pockets as they are for  your mood.

floating tiny home with blue porch

image via https://www.pinterest.com/tinyhouseblog/

tiny home with view of water

image via cb.sanjuanislands.com

home perched on river

image via inhabitat.com

red tiny home off the grid

image via tinyhousetalk.com

shipping container cabin near the water

image via lloydkahn-ongoing.blogspot.com

clear house near the water

image via dc.urbanturf.com

modern tiny home with large window

image via www.designrulz.com

beautiful tiny home during the fall

image via www.treehugger.com

colorful house by the bay

image via tinyhousefor.us

small house on the hills with a view

image via pioneersettler.com

small house with view of nearby nature

image via curbed.com

surf style house with a view

image via www.fyi.tv

small home with great view

image via www.tinyhouseliving.com

unique tiny home in a field

image via www.homesteadnotes.com

tiny home with view of sand dunes

image via www.tinysolarhouse.com

nice small home surrounded by trees

image via henryaquino.com

nice tiny house near water

image via www.gizmag.com

tiny home with brick walls

image via wikidee.org

house with beautiful view of water

image via thetinylife.com

simple small home with stunning view

image via www.pamsweehoose.com

tiny house on a prairie

image via www.wsj.com

mirrored tiny cabin

image via tinyhousefor.us

small home with waterfront view

image via www.answers.com

white glass small home

image via smallhousebliss.com

small house with purple roof

image via www.edgemagazine.net

25 Luxury Tiny Houses

When tiny houses first became popular, they seemed to be geared towards people who were looking to shed some of the glitz and glamour of traditional living and move on to something simpler. However, as tiny houses’ popularity continued to grow, things began to change, and there were people looking at tiny houses who also wanted the experience of luxury living.

For many people who are downsizing, the lush factor is something to seriously consider when buying a house of any size. Though some people perceive tiny houses as being a little on the simple side, the reality is that these houses can also make some pretty luxurious houses. Tiny houses are proof that you don’t need to have the biggest house in the neighborhood to have the nicest house in the neighborhood. Luxury tiny houses are a great option for people who still want to have a piece of the lavish lifestyle while still trimming down to a smaller place. You may be letting go of some space, but that doesn’t mean you have to let go of your style.

It may be hard to believe, but luxurious tiny homes can have many of the same features an amenities that people are used to with traditional houses. Of course, the more luxury you want, the more you’re going to have to spend, and some of these luxuries may limit the flexibility of your house. So if you’re someone who is attracted to the idea of tiny houses because you don’t want to stay in one place for long, going with a luxury design might not be the best move for you. However, some of the more flexible luxury touches include

According to Forbes, “There are tiny homes with moving walls to expand when tiny feels too tight. One company in England, Tinywood Homes, even sells a tiny hot tub.”

small house with swimming pool

image via tinyhousetalk.com

gray brick tiny home

image via tinyhouse.heininge.com

small luxury cabin

image via tinyhousepins.com

Exterior of the tiny home APH80 Transportable House

image via www.rogerandchris.com

incredible tree house design

image via texastinyhomes.com

stunning stone tiny home in thailand

image via tinyhousethailand.weebly.com

small house with pillars

image via www.aimwild.com

sauna house with pool

image via thetinylife.com

beautiful luxury tiny home

image via www.thecoolist.com

tiny house resort in wyoming

image via inhabitat.com

luxurious tiny two story house

image via texastinyhomes.com

modern tiny home in california

image via tinyhousepins.com

square small glass house

image via stupiddope.com

luxurious modern small home

image via diycozyhome.com

tiny black home with large window

image via buzzcane.com

simple small house in the woods

image via www.scoopnest.com

unique tiny home in australia

image via best-housedesign.blogspot.com

long white small house with glass

image via tinyhouseswoon.com

tiny house with balcony view

image via ftechcom.blogspot.com

wooden house with windows

image via themindunleashed.org

amazing tiny home with outdoor seating

image via hgtv.com

distant view of luxurious tiny home

image via www.outsideonline.com

tiny home with small porch

image via mirrorspectrum.com

small house among trees

image via www.realtor.com

small house with rooftop area

image via www.housebeautiful.com

25 Tiny Houses on Stilts

Houses on stilts are very popular in places that are near large bodies of water. Since these areas are more likely to flood, stilts help keep people and the structure as a whole safe in the event of heavy flooding. Building a tiny house near water may not seem like a good idea initially, but the good news is that these houses can be built on stilts making them safe near water and also giving them the illusion of a bigger design.

Even if you have no interest in living near water, stilts can still be a great design choice and elevating the structure on stilts is a great way to make the home more unique. Some of the other pros to building houses on stilts also includes:

  • Better ventilation. When it comes to tiny houses, it’s always nice to get any advantage that you can to make up for a lack of space. Although it may not seem like it, building a house on stilts os good for ventilation. According to one source, “This allows for ventilation and cool air to flow under the house, protects the main structure from termites and other pests, and enables the natural flow of water in times of torrential rain.”
  • Beautiful views. Tiny houses on stilts may not provide the same level of flexibility as tiny houses on wheels, but each design has something special to offer. If you’re into having a beautiful view, building a house on stilts might be an easy way to get it. The elevated design allows for better viewing angles and can give you that ‘house on the hill’ feeling without having to actually be a house on the hill.
  • Space underneath. The space underneath a stilted house can actually come in pretty handy. Not only can this area be used as dry space during a rain storm, but it can also be used as additional storage for household and outdoor items.
  • More terrain options. Building on stilts gives you more options when it comes to where you want to build your house. Although traditional houses may not be suitable on certain terrain, houses on stilts can be built on uneven plots or steep slopes.

However, before deciding to build a tiny house on wheels, be sure to remember the following advice, “If you’re considering the purchase of a new home, whether it’s on stilts or a traditional foundation, you should always work with a reputable building inspection company to protect yourself.” Tiny houses may be cheaper than traditional houses, but they’re still an investment. Make sure that you are getting the most for your money and that your home will be everything that you’ve dreamed of.

cool tiny home on stilts

image via tinyhouselistings.com

steel clad small home

image via tinyhousetalk.com

tiny beach house on stilts

image via tinyhouseswoon.com

simple small home on stilts

image via tinyhousetalk.com

small home stilted over the water

image via tinyhousepins.com

wooden tiny home on stilts

image via www.tinyhousewebsites.com

cabin-like house on stilts

image via tinyhouseblog.com

upside down small house

image via www.detail.de

strange tiny home covered in snow

image via northshorekitchensplus.com

stilted small cabin with unique roof

image via www.freedanload.com

humble small house on short stilts

image via humble-homes.com

whimsical tiny home in tree

image via tinyhousefor.us

all black mini house on stilts

image via adorable-home.com

small stilted house in brazil

image via inhabitat.com

tiny wooden house on stilts

image via https://www.pinterest.com/alvaropalominom/

350 sqft steel cabin

image via tinyhousetalk.com

gray tiny house on stilts

image via maidstonejewelry.wordpress.com

1000 sq ft steel cabin

image via tinyhousepins.com

tiny hut on stilts

image via terrainc0gnita.com

small own tree cabin

image via smallhousebliss.com

tiny house with balcony on stilts

image via bijzonderehuizen.tumblr.com

simple small house made of wood

image via stopalik.com

small house on stilts in the netherlands

image via notey.com

cool tiny home on stilts

image via https://www.pinterest.com/source/tinyhousesgalore.tumblr.com

nice tiny home on wooden stilts

image via www.tinyhousewebsites.com

lead image via www.techinsider.io


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