7 Reasons Having A Walk In Closet Is A Waste For Your Home


When many people imagine their dream home, they think about having a spacious walk-in closet in their bedroom to keep all of their clothes and shoes. When many homeowners renovate their homes, they add a walk in closet to their plans. In some cases, they need to build out or cut into the adjoining room just to accommodate the closet. What these people don’t know is that a walk in closet is actually a huge waste of space and a really bad idea. There are several reasons why you should reconsider building that walk in closet that you only think you have always wanted.

The Extra Space Can Make You a Hoarder

Most people have a tendency to hoard. For most, it isn’t as bad as the things that you see on television, however, it can happen. If you have all the space in the world, you will keep buying clothes and you won’t get rid of anything, even if it has gone out of style. When you finally do decide to make space in your closet, you could end up finding clothes that have gone out of style with the tags still on them. Not only will it make you a hoarder, it will allow you to waste a great deal of money shopping.

You Will Never Wear All of the Clothes That You Have Room For

Unless you are a socialite or on reality television, and you cannot be seen in the same outfit twice, you don’t need all of that room for clothes. Most people have several different outfits in their usual rotation. At most, you need 5 outfits for work and 7 outfits for after work. You can also add a few pairs of pajamas to that list and a few jackets. This amount of clothing can easily fit in a regular size dresser and a closet.

They Are Impossible to Keep Organized

Most people believe that if they had a walk in closet with tons of space, that their closet would always be organized. It is actually the exact opposite. With all the space you have, you will try to fill it up. Some people even use the floor of their walk-in for storage for things that they don’t have room for anywhere else in the house. Over time, these things can add up and seriously clutter up the closet that you were sure would always be organized.

Most “Systems” Never Work Out

Many people who have a walk in closet, but don’t have it designed by a closet specialist make up their own systems. One system that many people implement is putting their things in decorative bins. It works out well when you first put your clothes away, but it is difficult to see what is in each bin. If you want to find something, you would need to dig in each one until you find what you are looking for. As soon as this system fails, your closet will be a disorganized mess. Some people add more rods in the closet so that they can hang more clothes. This sounds good in theory but extra rods means that your clothes are either too high for you to reach or so low that your clothes are scraping on the floor. Eventually, you will stop using these rods altogether and they will have just been a huge waste of time. These systems are a huge waste of money that will eventually fail.

You Will Never Use the Couch That You Put in Your Closet

Many people with walk in closets will put a bench or a loveseat inside. Most do this because they saw one in a magazine or in a reality television star’s closet. When you are old enough to decide that you want a walk in closet, you are also old enough to get dressed standing up. Chances are you haven’t needed a bench or a couch to put your pants on since you were in the second grade. The only thing that bench or loveseat will do is take up space and give you a place to pile clothes on that you are hoping to eventually put away.

Nobody Has That Many Pairs of Shoes

When women see the photos of walk-in closets in magazines, they see an entire wall dedicated just for shoes. Most have over 100 small cubbies build into the wall to keep the shoes organized. The only problem with this is that most women don’t own 100 pairs of shoes. When you have your closet installed, you will have a whole wall wasted with empty shoe cubbies. Since you will likely be spending thousands of dollars to build your new walk in closet, it will be a while before you can start buying new shoes to fill the empty cubbies.

All That Space Could Be Better Used For Something Else

A walk in closet can take up a great deal of space. The average walk in closet can be as large as 17 x 17 feet. This really is a lot of space for something that you don’t really need. If you were to dedicate this space to additional floor space in your bedroom, you could move around much better, buy a bigger bed, and even add decorate trunks and cabinets around the floor to hold your clothing. If you don’t have a master bath, the space that you had dedicated for your walk in closet would be the perfect place. Finally, the idea of taking space from the adjoining room is a really bad one if it is another bedroom or a bathroom. Considering you don’t need that much space for your things, you should dedicate the extra space to something that you do actually need.


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