10 Designer Closets You Could Easily Live In

Walk in Closet with Staircase

Many people wouldn’t mind having a large walk-in closet, as it’s not only convenient but adds a bit of luxury to a bedroom. However, some closets take the walk-in concept to an extreme and are bigger than most average bedrooms. The largest of these could store clothing, shoes, furniture, and much more, plus they flaunt head turning designs.  In fact one could argue that a person could actually live in some of these particular closet spaces.

Here are 10 designer closets that you could easily live in.

1. A sophisticated closet with a writing area

Atlantic Pacific Closet

This closet truly looks like the interior of an upscale women’s clothing store, but it’s actually in someone’s home. A striking black geometric chandelier is a focal point of the space, and accenting the walls with black adds even more drama. In the center of the closet is a gorgeous desk — if fashion was your muse, it would make sense to do your writing surrounded by your wardrobe. The furnishings and fixtures for this closet likely topped $25,000.

2. Masculine style at its best

Masculine Style Closet

Designer closets aren’t only the domain of fashion forward women. This closet is plenty masculine and refined, but it’s also huge. There’s an entire wall just for displaying shoes, another for jackets and accessories, and at the top of the closet is a modern light fixture that brings a ton of visual interest to the space. Replicating the style of this closet would cost at least $15,000 — if you opt for ready made instead of custom storage, it would be significantly less.

3. Row upon row of luxury

Designer Closet Tampa

Here’s a closet with not just one chandelier, but several. The decorative lighting is definitely a highlight of this closet, but so are its many rows of storage and hanging space. Two floor to ceiling stacks contain a bevy of shoes, and the closet is so spacious that it can easily hold more furniture. The light fixtures in this space alone cost several thousand dollars each, but getting the look and feel in a smaller closet can be accomplished for less than $1,000.

4. For the modern gentleman

Modern Gentlemen Walk in Closet

An inviting plush rug, modern and cozy chair, and understated decor make this one of the best designer closets for men who are into fine things but don’t want a ton of flashy details. To get the same look without the expense of custom cabinetry and shelving, opt for tall bookcases with tension rods to hang your clothes.

5. The closet with a grand staircase

Walk in Closet with Staircase

One of the most expensive types of designer closets in existence are those with multiple floors, such as this stunner. Though it had to cost well over $55,000 to design and build, having a two-tiered closet is the ultimate way to house your wardrobe and accessories. Because this is a shared closet the color palette was kept elegant and neutral, but the space still has an upscale flair.

6. A fashionable and lavish glass closet

Lavish Glass Closet

A collection of luxurious designer purses, shoes, and digs calls for an amazing way to house it all, and this closet definitely fits the bill. Most high end clothing retailers don’t have storefronts that look as nice as this space, and the focal point is definitely the opulent pink hued chandelier hanging over a bright turquoise chair. Keeping the garments and purses behind glass is a good way to keep dust off of everything and help it last longer. To build such a closet would cost more than $50,000.

7. Pretty, pink, and vibrant

Pretty in Pink Closet

Adults aren’t the only ones with designer closets, kids can also get in on the action. This space is filled with bold, happy hues and has plenty of storage that makes sense for a kid, such as lower drawers and shelves and a platform to hold boots. Instead of placing a jewelry armoire in the room, the teen’s baubles are conveniently held in pretty bowls and vessels. A futuristic light fixture and mix of bright wallpapers makes the closet awesomely stylish.

8. Clean lines and fine furnishings

Palo Alto Master Asian Closet

Designer closets don’t have to incorporate tons of decor and glitzy elements to be luxurious. This closet has clean lines, a minimalist aesthetic, and would be perfect for a couple or anyone who prefers a streamlined and simple look. Storage space is optimized and just a few practical pieces here and there bring a touch or visual interest. The mix of glass and wood in the space works beautifully, and inlaid ceiling fixtures add much needed light to the area.

9. A closet packed with entertainment

Entertainment Closet

The type of closet that a kid would want to live in would be stimulating, bright, easy to maintain, and filled with toys. Add a bit of tech and a place to do some doodling, and you have this ultimate closet for a child. The color scheme is perfect for a boy, but is also gender neutral enough for girls who prefer bold color as opposed to softer tones.

The closet has space for clothes, shoes, media and music storage, toys, and a desk that holds a PC. A kid could go in here and literally stay for hours. To put something like this together would cost less than $3,000 if you chose a ready made closet organization system.

10. Housing designer kicks in style

CC Sabathia Closet

Many guys love their sneakers, but not many are sneaker heads to the point of building an entire closet for their collection. This closet is simply incredible and features a gorgeous mix of style and practicality. Custom wood and glass cabinets keeps each pair of shoes safe, white strategically placed lights above illuminate the whole area. This closet is so big that it has a television, seating area, and kitchenette with a built-in microwave, sink, and mini bar. This closet cost over $75,000 to build, but it’s definitely a sneaker fan’s haven.


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