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The Sacagawea “Cheerios” 2000 Dollar – $2,746

cheerios dollar

USA Coin Book

As part of a promotion, General Mills released the “Cheerios dollar” in 2000. 5,500 Sacagawea dollars were placed inside select boxes of Cheerios, but the turn of the century contest didn’t go as planned. The intended design was not ready in time for the Y2K competition and what resulted unwittingly increased the value.

For the contest, the U.S. Mint provided a somewhat different version of the coin with enhanced tail feathers of the eagle. To this day, very few have been discovered. If you come across this $1 coin in uncirculated and perfect condition, it is said to be worth $2,746. Although, some have sold for much more. “Cheerio dollars” have been snagged for $5,000 to upward of $20,000, depending on their grade.