Coins With Hidden Value

The “No Mark” P 1982 Dime – 2,000 or more

no mark dime


This “no mark” dime made its historic debut in 1982. Before its circulation, no coin of its kind had been released. In turn, it is considered both rare and valuable in many collector’s circles. To hit the jackpot with this one, you’ll want to look out for the missing “p” or “d” mintmark. Most “no mark” dimes from 1982 are worth between $250 and $300.

Many counterfeits exist, so consider yourself warned. If you do find the real deal in mint condition, it could be worth much more than meets the eye, depending on the grade. 1982 Roosevelt dimes without the “p” mintmark have sold for $1,300, $1,400, and sometimes over $2,000. If you happen upon one missing the “d” mintmark, it could be worth even more than that.