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The Gold 1851 Mormon Coins – Up to $50,000

The Gold 1851 Mormon Coins

Talk about a gold rush! Mormon coins were made from gold originating in California. Thanks to the timing, they carry a unique history of their own. Designed by Brigham Young himself, Mormon coins struck between 1848 and 1851 are considered extremely rare and special. These privately produced coins minted at the height of the California Gold Rush are usually worth about $20. With that said, some have notably higher values, sometimes upward of 50,000.

This $20 gold piece from 1849 is a bit unusual. It’s the first of the $20 denomination ever produced in America, beating the United States government by a year. One of these rare coins was claimed for a staggering $558,125 at an auction in 2014. Some are valued even higher than that, depending on grade. Unfortunately, most Mormon coins were melted down for their imminent value long ago.