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Liberty Head Nickel – Up to $4.5 Million

Liberty Head Nickel

USA Gold Bureau

Take a look at the 1913 Liberty Head nickel. Popularly called a “v-nickel,�? this uncommon coin is revered as one of the most valuable out there. Assuming it can be found, of course. The Liberty Head nickel of 1913 frequently tops the list of rarest nickels on the planet. First produced in 1883, the five-cent pieces currently accounted for are dated 1913. Never released into circulation, it is estimated that only five of these were ever minted.

While worth millions today, the origin of the Liberty Head nickel remains a bit of a mystery. Although, it is widely believed they were minted in Philadelphia, which makes total sense. In 2018, one of these topnotch nickels sold for a whopping $4,560,000. The “best-preserved” of the five is valued somewhere around $5 million or more.