A Couple Gave Birth To Beautiful Twins, See Where They Are Now

The Twins

Although the twins look identical, their personalities are quite different from each other. Jaqi admitted that it could be quite challenging to work with twins as they both think differently. Luckily Jaqi’s next move was the find a modeling agency for the twins that was going to treat them right. Jaqi had previously worked with several agencies when the twins were modeling for the first time but she was quite worried that she wouldn’t be able to find a suitable one.Ava and Leah get along, which is a weight lifted off Jaqi’s shoulders as it is one less thing she has to deal with.

The twins might have different personalities but have the same ambitions to be the best models in the world. The twins get most of their drive from their parents, who have always been hard-working. The twins are inseparable, and Jaqi is hoping that will last when they get older.


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