10 Beautiful Dining Rooms with Coffered Ceilings


Coffered ceilings add an ambiance of elegance to any room. They are ceiling tiles which are sunken in a rectangular or square shape. Beams are placed on all sides of the tiles and they may be deep or shallow, depending on your preferences. A decorative grid is formed by placing a series of these coffered tiles in a specific pattern. Unique placements or patterns may be used to give a ceiling a one of a kind look.

Coffered ceilings add character and dimension to a room. You may choose between a variety of different moldings and designs. Whether you choose more decorative beams and complex patterns or plain molding and simple designs, you will transform the look of the room. Here are 10 luxurious dining rooms featuring coffered ceilings with varying patterns to give you an idea of how you can use this method to embellish your home.

Simplistic Elegance


This dining room features deep welled ceiling coffers with multiple layers of enhancement. The well placed beams create an illusion of depth and character by adding additional layers of plain molding. Inset lighting adds brightness to the room making the ceiling its focal point. This design is elegant yet not overstated for a classy and contemporary look.

3. Minimalist Coffering with Form and Color


This elegant dining room ceiling features coffered edges with contrasting color on the sides that tie the ceiling in the with the walls. Notice how the use of simple molding with the stripe of color add depth to the room. Additional molding placed at the top give it a more luxurious note for a harmonious mix of form and color. This ceiling is a good example of what happens when modern architecture and the basic principles of art collide.

4. Modern Affluence


The style of this ceiling incorporates shallow coffering for the top tiles with a more pronounced inset on the sides. The technique adds depth and character to the room. Five layers of coffering and unique side molding combine to create an ambiance of elegance and traditional charm. The coffered ceilings easily make this dining room among the most decorative and unique designs we’ve seen.

Geometric Design Coffering


This dining room has a unique coffered ceiling that sports a geometric design. The clean lines make it a conversation piece because of it’s one of a kind charm. What would otherwise be a plain and ordinary dining room received an upgrade from humdrum to luxury with the eye-catching design that make the ceiling the focal point of the room.

Four Layer Recession


The luxurious dining room features a multilayered oval coffered ceiling. The graduating shallow layers pull the focus of the eyes into the center of the ceiling for a greater emphasis on the lighting fixture. This technique adds depth to the room and creates a stunning focal point that enhances the ambiance of the dining area transforming it from a plain room to one that exudes elegance and charm.

Open Rectangular Coffering


Long rectangular lines combine with shallow and medium depth coffering to create a simple ceiling design that would be understated if it were not for the inset lighting. The style offers a traditional and simple approach to elegance that adds character and depth to the room. The use of contrasting paint colors tie the ceiling into the decor of the room with magnificence.

Oval elegance


The deep coffering of this ceiling is a masterpiece in form and flow. Traditional square coffering lines the oval insest which quickly catches the attention of all who enter the room. Central placement of the oval design open up the room to make it appear larger, and draw attention to the lighting fixture in the middle. The combination of two shapes complement one another and the overall effect is nothing short of spectacular.

Bent Wood Coffering


This dining room shows that any space can be enhanced with creative ceiling coffering. The long rectangular area of the ceiling has been made into the focal point of the room by gently bending wood to create a rounded concave effect with deeply coffered dark wood. The eyes aer instantly pulled to this unique A unique approach that works well for smaller areas by adding depth and creating the sense of luxury and elegance.

Sunken Island Ceiling


This dining room features a coffered ceiling with multiple recessed borders in a progression that create a sunken island effect in the center. The molding creates an elegant pattern that encircles the middle part of the ceiling, which has been painted in a color that matches the dining room chairs. Color and form combine to create a luxurious atmosphere for an elegant dining experience.

Impeccable Deep Well Lights


This dining room ceiling combines deep well coffering with the addition of installed lighting that creates a glowing effect. Attention is drawn to the depth of the ceiling with a traditional well design that uses the effect of the lighting to create an ultra luxurious ambiance. Taste and charm exude from the architecture of the room with the ceiling being the main focal point.

Final thoughts

The ten examples of coffered ceilings shown are representations of the breathtaking effects that coffering can render. This method can be used to transform a plain or boring room into an area that is unique and projects a different feeling completely. Whether you prefer to go with a luxurious ambiance or would rather add whimsy or traditional elegance, there are limitless possible design combinations that can be used to achieve the precise look and atmosphere that you desire. The use of shape, design, color and depth are all elements that are at your disposal when you choose to go with coffered ceilings.


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