20 Amazing Textured Wallpaper Ideas

white textured wallpaper ideas

Over the last few years, textured wallpaper has become a popular option in many homes. Although wallpaper is often considered outdated, textured wallpaper brings a new element of fun to the classic design. While some may not see the benefit to using wallpaper, it can be a great alternative to painting your walls. In general, wallpaper lasts longer than paint which can make it more cost-effective over the course of time.

According to a source, wallpaper “can also add warmth, depth and style to a room that monotone paint simply cannot achieve.” Wallpaper also offers some creative elements that are not available with paint – textured wallpaper being one of them, and you can even paint over your wallpaper if you choose. Regardless of the type of look you’re going for, textured wallpaper can help you achieve it. From bathrooms, to bedrooms, to living rooms, textured wallpaper can look great in any room, and help you get the most of your space. If you’re thinking of redesigning a room in your home, textured wallpaper might be an option you want to explore.

Take a look at this 20 amazing textured wallpaper designs.

paintable wallpaper with squares

image via laurentlazard.com

wood block wallpaper

image via ainove.com

bedroom with simple wallpaper

image via www.moelmoel.com

cool black wallpaper

image via www.grassclothwallpaper.net

dining room with hot pink wallpaper

image via wallpaperyork.blogspot.com

modern living room with gray wallpaper

image via youtube.com

living room with cool wallpaper design

image via drawhome.com

modern green wallpaper

image via www.home-designing.com

bathroom with wallpaper

image via houzz.com

white brick wallpaper in bedroom

image via minimalisti.com

japanese inspired living room with wallpaper

image via www.housetohome.co.uk

bedroom with black wallpaper

image via www.creativebedroomvanity.com

kids bathroom with textured wallpaper

image via decorpad.com

powder room with wallpaper

image via irastar.com

interior design with wallpaper

image via www.naturafuls.com

wallpaper with pattern design

image via www.grassclothwallpaper.net

traditional dining room with wallpaper

image via nasosprom.com

yellow and white home office design

image via valiet.org

living room with brown wallpaper

image via bhg.com

living room decor with wallpaper

image via www.homestratosphere.com

lead image via wallpaperyork.blogspot.com


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