20 Beautiful Paintable Wallpaper Ideas

bathroom with paintable wall paper

In recent years, painted wallpaper has become an increasingly popular option in many homes. Although traditional wallpaper isn’t really considered a trendy choice, painted varieties are helping wallpaper make a very big comeback. Adding painted wallpaper to any room in your home can really help you get more out of your space. From textured, to hand-painted, these unique wallpaper designs allow people to express creativity and style like never before.

No matter what type of look or feel you’re going for, painted wallpaper can take your room to the next level. If you’re a fan of DIY projects, you may also find that incorporating painted wallpaper into your home gives you a chance to create something very cool. For those who feel like it’s time to give their walls an upgrade, these suggestions will help you see just how unlimited the possibilities truly are. If a simply solid color just won’t do the trick, painted wallpaper might just be able to give you what you’re looking for. This definitely isn’t your grandma’s wallpaper, but there’s a good chance she’ll love it anyway.

Here are 20 beautiful painted wallpaper ideas.

bedroom with blue paintable wallpaper

image via beadboard.kellybranan.com

contemporary living space with colored wallpaper

image via irastar.com

living room with blue accent wall and wallpaper

image via freshome.com

formal dining area with home depot wallpaper

image via gcicenter.com

embossed white wallpaper

image via decor.immocercle.com

beautiful black embossed wallpaper

image via decor.immocercle.com

bedroom with bright embossed wallpaper

image via memorabledecor.com

brick patterned paintable wallpaper

image via homedepot.com

contemporary master bedroom with wallpaper

image via www.zillow.com

formal dining room with 3D wallpaper

image via artnmeal.com

3D embossed wallpaper for home

image via aliexpress.com

simple white patterned wallpaper

image via designerwallcoverings.com

light blue painted and patterned wall paper

image via www.grahambrown.com

floral decorated wall paper

image via www.architecturaldigest.com

formal dining room with wallpaper painted by hand

image via aflippenlife.blogspot.com

contemporary dining room with decorated wallpaper

image via voutsa.com

formal dining room with gold wallpaper

image via homebunch.com

beautiful green dining room with wallpaper

image via heyjakesollins.com

living room with tree painted wallpaper

image via blog.weetas.com

formal dining room with silk wallpaper

image via www.themonumentview.net

lead image via home.ewoodys.com


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