15 Small Bathroom Designs You’ll Fall In Love With

bathroom with gray tile

Small bathroom designs can seem like the end of the world. Feeling cramped and confined in the bathroom can make your experience annoying and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, if you’ve got a small bathroom, there isn’t much you can do to make the space bigger. Sure, there are lots of ways you can save space, but if your bathroom is small – it’s more than likely going to stay that way (unless you’ve got money to spend on completely renovating the space).  However, the key to having a small space of any kind is to make the most of it. Just because your space is small doesn’t mean that it can’t look good. Coming up with ways to decorate your small bathroom are essential to making sure that your space is attractive. To make your small bathroom the best it can be, you may want to incorporate some additional storage space. You can do this with items such as containers or even floating shelves. Since hanging shelves are fixed directly to the wall, you won’t have to worry about them taking up floor space. It is also important to note that the colors you choose can also have a significant impact on how your space looks. Bright colors tend to make rooms look larger, while dark colors tend to make rooms look smaller. With the right touches, your small bathroom can be completely transformed. Here are 15 small bathroom designs you’ll fall in love with.

small bathroom with unique toilet

image via freshome.com

gren and white bathroom design

image via http://www.home-designing.com

small bathroom with gold accents

image via housebeautiful.com

small bathroom with glass enclosed shower

image via houzz.com

colorful and decorative small bathroom

image via deavita.fr

beautiful modern bathroom with small design

image via houzz.com

cute and small bathroom design

image via digsdigs.com

small bathroom with wooden vanity

image via bhg.com

small bathroom with wall decor

image via http://ibuwe.com/

bathroom with geometric wallpaper

image via hgtv.com

small bathroom with walk in shower

image via http://www.outsidedesigns.us/

bathroom with gray backsplash tile

image via http://www.bathologi.com

bathroom design with floating vanity

image via http://www.kaunashotelsinkaunas.com/

bathroom with large vanity mirror

image via intadv.com

cute small bathroom with simple design

image via http://www.designabathrooms.com

lead image via csbamerica.com



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