10 Warm Ways to Decorate Using Hygge

The latest and greatest trend to be imported out of Scandinavia is hygge — the closest way to pronounce it in English is hoo-gah. Technically it’s something that is organically created by simply enjoying the moment, spending time with loved ones, and being mindful about the way you go through life. However, the whole concept is so attractive, especially in the winter season, that many outside of Denmark have started trying to reflect hygge in the way they arrange their homes. If you want to give your home a more hygge friendly vibe, here are ten ways to decorate.

1. Amp up the coziness

An easy way to make your home more welcoming and inviting is by including softer fabrics in the room. During the winter, trade in your area rugs for ones that are knit or lay out more throws and pillows onto your sofas and seating areas. The sectional in this living room gets a boost of warmth from a richly colored knit throw and the addition of colorful pillows. You can choose whichever colors you’d like to achieve this look, or even opt for traditional holiday colors.

2. Clear up clutter

The backbone of hygge is simplicity, and clearing clutter is a great way to make room for that. This home office space looks like a nice place to sit down and write out thoughts or get some studying done, but the key to that is being cleared off and ready to use. The desk setup has a very sleek and stylish look, plus everything is easy to access. No matter what the decor style is in your home, remember that less clutter will instantly perk up the space and make it more conducive to achieving a sense of hygge.

3. Create a cheerful display

Making way for a bit of happiness and cheer is one way to practice hygge, and you can do that by filling your home with things that bring you a sense of joy. This gallery wall in a living area features art work made by the homeowner’s children. You can do something similar with your kids’ drawings and paintings, or you can arrange your favorite postcards, decorative plates, maps, or mementos from your travels.

4. Incorporate natural wood

To help warm up the look of your home and bring in natural elements, go for rich toned and reclaimed woods. This bedroom contains a beautiful wooden bed, re-purposed night stand, and even the windows are framed with wood. Though the scene outside of the home is filled with icy snow, inside appears to be a cozy and comforting retreat.

5. Streamline your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the main areas used in the home each day, and if you simplify the way yours it setup it will make the winter days seem a lot less dreary. Don’t think that you need a huge kitchen for it to be well organized, attractive, and inviting. This kitchen is quite small, but it looks wonderful and is well laid out to make cooking and socializing a breeze. Open shelving is used here along with creative ways to hang oft-used utensils and dishware.

6. Make warm sips easy to access

In Denmark mulled wine and other hot drinks are commonly enjoyed in the winter, so having the supplies to make a cup on the spot is a must. You can do the same with your favorite cold weather beverages — whether it’s hot cocoa, tea, or coffee — by setting up a drink station in your kitchen, dining area, or living room. You don’t need to go buy any new furniture and can instead pull out pieces that you already own. This cart looks charming and rustic, thanks to a mix of weathered wood, vintage decor on the bottom, and a handmade decorative sign.

7. Have a soak

One of the nicest things to do after a long day in winter is slip into a hot bath, but so many people don’t take the time to do it. Hygge is about enjoying the moment, so try to set up your bathroom for maximum relaxation and actually use it. This big, deep tub would provide an incredibly soothing spot to rest at the end of the day, but there are many things you can do to take your bathroom more of a retreat even if you don’t have much space or a soaking tub. Plush towels, a warm and cozy bath mat, and your favorite candle or bubble bath will get the hygge going.

8. Break out the candles

Candles create instant coziness and the soft illumination they provide is incomparable to anything else. Whether you use candles with a real flame or quality LED options, try forgoing the bright overhead lights in your home each evening and pull out your candles instead. Even if they’re not scented, you’ll notice an instant feeling of intimacy and relaxation. This living room not only has candles to enjoy, but super soft and cozy throws as well.

9. Turn family meals into a must-do

Without family around it would be difficult to tap into hygge, so try to encourage yours to gather together at the table. If you’re already into the habit of having family meals, think of doing something special on occasion such as eating by candlelight or using cloth napkins and your better china. If you’re trying to start the tradition of family meals, try making your dining area more welcoming with a comfy bench and throw pillows — treat it like a relaxed and comfortable gathering place and decorate with that idea in mind.

10. Faux fur makes for a cozier setting

Real fur is the status quo in Scandinavia, but you can give your home a cozier and warmer vibe by putting out a few faux fur pillows or blankets. To get this look on a dime, head to the craft store and buy a few yards of faux fur fabric. It will cost much less than a pre-made blanket from a home decor store, and you won’t even have to hem the edges of the fabric for it to look good.

Written by Housely

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