20 Living Rooms With Beautiful Wall Mural Designs

elegant living room with mural

When most of us think of wall murals, we immediately envision big city buildings with cool images painted on the side. Murals have become popular fixtures in cities all over the world, often depicting unforgettable scenes. But though this may be the most commonly accepted idea of a wall mural, these awesome pieces of artistic expression aren’t just reserved for the outside of buildings.

In fact, wall murals are becoming a trendy choice for people looking to add a little bit of extra oomph to their interior spaces. While accent walls have become incredibly popular, wall murals provide people with a chance to incorporate beautiful works of art into their homes. Living rooms are especially well-suited for wall murals because they tend to have the most amount of wall space. On top of that, living rooms are usually the first place people take their guests, so it’s only right that these rooms be attractive and unforgettable.

If you have a wall in your living room that you’re not sure what to do with, a mural could be the perfect — and most stylish — solution. Here are 20 living rooms with beautiful wall mural designs.

living room with beautiful tree mural

image via http://www.architectureartdesigns.com

living room with countryside mural

image via www.vissbiz.com

sixth avenue mural in living room

image via decoist.com

beautiful modern living room with hanging lamp

image via eazywallz.com

nice living room with mural

image via Irynanikitinska.com

contemporary living room with orange couch

image via houzz.com

city landscape painted on living room wall

image via http://mulberrylanehomes.com/

Living room with cool underwater mural

image via https://muralfactory.wordpress.com

river and forest living room mural

image via inhumer.com

winter landscape painted on living room wall

image via aliexpress.com

urban style wall art in living room

image via Ushitek.Com

beautiful mural with birds

image via http://mulberrylanehomes.com

custom living room mural design

image via http://home.ewoodys.com

Deer and Forest Wall Mural Designed for White Living Room Accentuated by Sunlight Coming from Large French Window

image via gacahome.com

beautiful modern wall mural

image via artnmeal.com

beautiful elephant living room mural

image via addhyip.com

green and grey living room mural

image via digsdigs.com

amazing modern living room with black and white design

image via https://www.pinterest.com/ho_zining/

custom 3d wall art mural for living room

image via dhgate.com

beautiful and simple living room mural

image via canfodmins.com

lead image via https://www.designtrends.com


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