10 Unique Storage Ideas You Never Thought Of

Whether you live in a small space, have young children or just want to simplify your life, storage in your home is important. Unique storage ideas can simplify your life by reducing clutter and keeping things easy to find. Of course bins and baskets can help contain items in your home, but the items do not always make it easy to find things. Plastic bins can be boring. Storage does not need to be costly or difficult to create. There are many innovative ways to create unique storage in your home.

Here are 10 unique storage ideas that will help you stay organized.


The mudroom is one of the most commonly used room that is often small and easily becomes cluttered. Often the family entrance to the home, the mudroom is a space where things can easily be dumped. To create a more organized space for the family, utilize multiple storage ideas within a small space. A bench is perfect for sitting to take off or put on shoes, and it does not need to be large. Under the bench cubby storage can be used for shoes. These cubbies can be separated for each member of the family, shoes easy to find. Hooks above the bench are easy to install and can be used by each member of the family for coats and book bags. Storage above the bench and hooks can be extended up to the ceiling. This provides a spot for shelves, cubbies or closed cabinetry to contain other items that need to remain in the mudroom.

Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are often small and the last room in the house that you want guests to see. If you constantly have laundry, as most people do, keeping the laundry room clutter free is difficult to do. There are many ways to keep your laundry room looking neat yet still functional. A folding area can be installed on top of the washer and dryer to make sorting clothes easier. Closed cabinetry will keep detergent and other cleaning products out of site. Closed cabinetry can also maintain a hamper to keep dirty laundry out of sight. More than one hamper can be used to keep clothing sorted without being exposed. Finally, a rod hung between cabinets can be used to hang clothing.


The biggest common room of the home is the kitchen. From, cooking to dining to doing homework, the kitchen is a clutter magnet. Depending on your space and your needs, there are many ways to de-clutter the kitchen and keep things easy to find. One group of items takes up a lot of space in the kitchen, pots and pans. Keeping them organized and easily accessible can be a challenge. One solution is hanging them inside a cabinet. A pulley with hooks attached will keep each pot and pan nested yet easy to find. Lids can be stored below.


If you are fortunate enough to have a pantry separate from your kitchen, you have some extra space for food, paper products, serving dishes, and cleaning products. The space usually is not large, but you can use innovative ideas to keep your pantry supplies neat and easy to find. Shelving for canned and boxed food will obviously help keep like items in their proper place. Pull out drawers can be used to store smaller food and other items. Label the drawers to make finding what you need more efficient. Narrow shelves can hold cookie sheets and serving dishes. A space can be made fora broom.

Home Office

Office work, family schedules, mail, and other items clog up the home office. It is the one room of the house that should be most organized so nothing gets misplaced. Having simple storage in the home office will keep it neat and in order. There are several things that can be used to keep items stored in the home office in order and keep the room looking good. Binders and file cases keep records clean and can be placed on shelves in a uniform fashion. Decorative boxes can be stacked to keep office items, stationary and documents. Baskets and larger baskets can hold larger items.

Family Room

Many items can clutter the family room. Remote controls, books, magazines, and media items are just some of things that are often difficult to find a space for in the family room. There are many unique ways to keep these items stored neatly and accessibly. A decorative office desk caddie can hold remote controls, glasses, pens and a notepad. A lazy susan makes grabbing these items from either side of the end table easy. Decorative boxes can be used to hold books, DVD’s, magazines or other items used in the family room.


Toys, games and other playroom items can easily create a mess in the playroom. There are many ways to keep the space organized so that it is easy for the children and you to keep the room in order. A reading nook is an easy way to encourage reading and keep toys and books organized. A bench with storage cubbies underneath and shelving on the sides will keep books in their place, and bins can be used to store toys. Some other ideas include using a hanging shoe caddie to keep craft items organized. Vintage suit cases can be used to store play clothes.

Bedroom Closet

A small bedroom can be difficult to keep organized. Clothing and accessories take up a lot of space, and these are items that you will want to find quickly without creating a mess. Installing extra shelving is a great way to keep like clothing together. Under the counter pull out bins are another easy way to keep clothing and accessories in order. That also provides counter space for a jewelry box or other boxes to corral accessories.


The bathroom is the room in any house that contains the most things. Towels, toiletries, make-up, hair products often clutter the bathroom. Particularly if the space is small, you want to find unique ways to keep everything in its place and easy to find. An armoire will not only offer storage space to the bathroom, but it will also add character. The armoire will hold towels, toiletries and other bathroom needs. Under the sink, a decorative shelf can be installed on the door. Shelving and decorative baskets can be used to hold beauty items.


The garage may not be a space you spend much time in, but it is certainly a space that needs to hold more than cars. Simple cabinetry will keep things out of sight and in their own space so they are easy to find. Cabinetry can be built along the walls of the garage. There can be a space for tools with a tool bench. There can be a space for gardening supplies. A sports equipment cabinet will help make the items easy to find. There can also be a special cabinet for home maintenance or other items.

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