20 Of The Most Awesome Converted Garage Ideas

Beautiful art studio in garage

If you’ve got a garage that you aren’t using to store a car, you’ve probably got lots of ideas on how you can make better use of that space. In many cases, however, people’s unused garages often become nothing more than wasted space. But if you’re currently looking for a way to make your garage a little more useful, converting the space into a bedroom, man cave, or living room can definitely be the way to go. Converted garages can be comfortable and stylish, and can become fun projects for DIY lovers.

In fact, some people have even transformed their garages into entire apartments. With the right touch, your garage ideas can truly be brought to life before your eyes. Whether you’ve got a tiny one car garage, or a massive three car garage, there are lots of great things you can do to turn your garage into a place that you can enjoy. You may be feeling like you need some extra space in your house, but your garage may be just the space that you need.

Here are 20 of the most awesome converted garage ideas.

garage man cave design

image via Minimalisti.com

cool garage retreat idea

image via hellohome.it

contemporary garage living room

image via hgtv.com

hang out area with built in shelving

image via https://www.pinterest.com/lizzie0439

garage conversion with living room set up

image via https://livinator.com/

converted garage office area

image via https://www.youtube.com/user/blogcristilulu/

garage living room with leather furniture

image via Crisil.co

garage living space with blue wall

image via storie.club

detached garage living room conversion

image via Nanobuffet.com

converted one car garage into loft apartment

image via CoverageHD.com

home gym converted from garage

image via Europecinefestival.org

beautiful converted three car garage

image via houzbuzz.com

modern minimalist garage conversion

image via artnmeal.com

simple living room with wood laminate flooring

image via diynetwork.com

living space with painted brick walls

image via https://customgiftson.wordpress.com/

bedroom in converted garage space

image via https://www.realhomesmagazine.co.uk/

old garage tuned into comfortable bedroom

image via https://salemph.wordpress.com

contemporary garage art studio

image via https://www.pinterest.com/emilymespinozae

bedroom with modern fireplace

image via http://limitlessprofits.co/

man cave with pool table

image via http://www.meltondesignbuild.com/

lead image via homedit.com


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