The 10 Most Stunning Marble Bathrooms of 2016

Marble looks luxurious and upscale no matter how it’s used, from simple drink coasters to floor tiles. One of the rooms where it looks the most exquisite is the bathroom. The swirls and veining of marble provide an unmatched aesthetic, and it’s a flexible material to work with because it comes in a variety of colors. Marble is pricey and outfitting a bathroom with it can cost a small fortune, but the end result is definitely impressive. Here are ten of the most stunning marble bathrooms of 2016.

1. Golden and luxurious

This bathroom is full of glamorous touches, including a golden vanity, beautiful nested tables, and sleek black and gold pendant lighting. There’s also a carved stone soaking tub with a gold faucet that looks beyond expensive. The real star of the design, however, is a wall of marble that has golden tones and incredible veining. The gold in the wall and elsewhere in the room is contrasted with cool gray on the tub and a large gray area rug.

2. Trendy and sophisticated

This bathroom is literally picture perfect, but it’s not too over the top or formal. Beautiful chandeliers provide decor and lighting, while the inside of the door was painted a light shade of aqua for a touch of color. The marble in this bathroom covers the floors, counters, tub, and shower surround — that’s a lot of marble that surely didn’t come cheap, but the look that it creates is remarkable.

3. Elegant stunner

It’s hard to forget marble bathrooms as outstanding as this one, especially because it has such distinctive veining and the design contains a large amount of the material. You can just imagine what the rest of the home looks like if the bathroom is this lavish. Marble almost goes from floor to ceiling, and the tub has a unique shape that serves to highlight the architecture of the space. A pair of floral arrangements is plenty in terms of decor, as the marble itself is like a decorative element.

4. Modern minimalism

This bathroom in Argentina certainly looks upscale and chic, plus it has a very modern aesthetic. Its style is also minimalist, which gives the space a very clean and streamlined look. Gray and white marble ideally suits the design and keeps it from feeling too sterile, and the addition of richly colored wood to frame the door, mirror, and sinks also adds a hint of warmth.

5. Gorgeous green marble

It’s not common that one sees marble bathrooms that are green, but the variety really does exist. Green marble is among the most distinctive and artful types that you can buy, and this bathroom shows off its beauty. An accent wall is covered in green marble, which pairs well with the wood flooring and paneling above a long mirror. The other fixtures in the room, including a white soaking tub and black and white cabinets, draw out the colors in the marble’s veining.

6. Contemporary beauty

This marble bathroom’s design is so appealing because it’s free of pretension, looks inviting, and is such a calming space. A very light shade of gray on the upper half of the walls is the perfect partner for white and gray marble on the floors and lower portion of the walls. Contemporary lighting and window treatments also look gorgeous in the design, and the style of counters is both attractive and helps make the space more functional.

7. Grand traditional style

Marble bathrooms that are filled with mirrors often look quite stately and refined, as the glass helps heighten the reflection off the marble. This bathroom has an entire wall paneled with mirrors in a diamond cut pattern, as well as vanities with mirrored facades. Paired with luxurious sconces, chandeliers, and marble tile covering the shower and floors, this bathroom is dripping in elegance and style. Even if you don’t have the budget to recreate this design, you can get a similar elegant look by incorporating some of the same elements into your bathroom or opting for a mirror with cut glass.

8. Lavish and luxe details

This bathroom is like a vessel for holding art pieces, as there’s art throughout it and many incredible custom elements. There’s also an abundance of marble in the large space, including over the walls, shower, and floors. One of the most prominent features of the space is a huge round soaking tub that’s made out of marble swirled with cream and brown. To contrast with the warm colors of the marble, the cabinets and display areas chosen for the bathroom are a rich black with a subtle sheen.

9. A lovely retreat

This spacious bathroom represents what comes to mind for many people when they think of marble bathrooms: plenty of traditional elements, a very formal appearance, and walls covered in white. It’s the perfect example of a classic and timeless design featuring the material, and there are so many stunning elements in the room. Glass surrounding the shower stall was painted to mimic the marble seen elsewhere in the space. On the floors, counters, and around a large jetted tub is gray and white marble tile, and white cabinetry and trim complements the tone of the fixtures. Just the right amount of warmth is added to the space via champagne colored ruched window treatments.

10. Graceful curves

The architecture of this space is one factor that makes the bathroom so notable, especially how the counter mirrors the curves of the lavish tub in front of it. A large panel of diamond cut glass sits on top of the vanity, and the color of the cabinets is a light gray that complements the marbled gray walls and ceiling. White trim on the doors provides subtle contrast, and one of the stars of the design is a large circular soaking tub covered in marble. The same marble on the tub covers the floor, and the entire bathroom looks like it belongs in an exclusive spa rather than a residential home.

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