10 Shades of Green Paint Designers Love

Few colors have the ability to refresh and energize a room the way that green can. The color is also versatile and be used to create a soothing, tranquil atmosphere or the feeling of being in a natural setting. Whether the style of your room is eclectic, modern, cottage chic, traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between, there’s a shade of green paint that will suit it perfectly. The options are nearly endless, but if you look on home decor and design blogs you’ll notice that a select few shades of green seem to pop up frequently. These tend to be the greens that either work well in just about any space or are notable for how eye catching they are. Here are ten shades of green paint that are on the favorites lists of designers.

1. Benjamin Moore, Amazon Moss

Benjamin Moore has a fantastic range of green paint shades, and one of the most gorgeous is Amazon Moss. This is a green that’s often used for interior doors, accents walls, and feature walls, but those who are daring can flaunt it all over a room. This design has the color on the walls and ceiling and it looks stunning as the background for art prints and luxe furnishings. The look is eclectic, fashion forward, and dripping with style, but Amazon Moss can also be used in transitional, modern, and contemporary rooms or as an accent in Scandinavian designs.

2. Farrow & Ball, Arsenic

Farrow & Ball is known for its richly colored, high end line of paint colors, and one of its standout greens is Arsenic. It’s a minty hue tinged with blue that’s often showcased on top design sites. It’s easy to see the shade’s appeal, and in this space it’s used to help pull together a modern tropical theme. The brightness of the paint looks chic and stylish paired with brown and cream furniture, gold accents, and complementary window treatments.

3. Behr, New Bamboo

If you’re a fan of Behr and looking for a great green paint, consider New Bamboo. It would look good in just about any space, but in the kitchen it truly shines and looks lively and contemporary. This is a wonderful shade to use with rich colors, which is exactly what was done here. New Bamboo paint on the walls is paired with dishware in cassis and rich red, and stainless steel accents provide an attractive contrast.

4. Farrow & Ball, Breakfast Room Green

Another designer favorite from Farrow & Ball is Breakfast Room Green, which is a light shade of pistachio that has plenty of impact. It’s often seen in rooms with a traditional, European, or transitional decor style, but it can truly be used no matter what type of decor you prefer. In this kitchen Breakfast Room Green covers a wall that acts as a divider. There are plenty of rustic accents as well as deep green tile, but the wall paint adds a fresh and stylish touch that elevates the design.

5. Benjamin Moore, Bright Lime

If bright and vivid greens are what you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with Benjamin Moore’s Bright Lime. It’s a warm shade of green with yellow undertones that is often used in dining and kitchen spaces, as well as feature walls in living areas. This contemporary dining room is covered with Bright Lime, which perfectly suits the art on the walls. To balance things out when using this green paint, add in plenty of neutral toned furniture and decor.

6. Benjamin Moore, Tarrytown Green

One of the most stylish and well liked deep greens available from Benjamin Moore is Tarrytown Green. It sits on the cool side of the spectrum, has hints of gray and blue, and can work as a dark neutral alternative to black or navy. In this bathroom it’s a stunning color that works well with the space’s industrial decor and modern accents. Pairing it with white provides contrast and makes the design look even more stylish.

7. Sherwin-Williams, Ryegrass

Ryegrass from Sherwin-Williams is the green paint that many turn to when they’re looking for a neutral that’s refined, distinctive, and sophisticated. This shade is ideal for use in traditional, contemporary, and transitional spaces, and it’s also a good choice for those who want color on their walls that isn’t too vibrant and loud. The tone of Ryegrass looks beautiful alongside the rich wood furniture and metallic decor in this elegant dining space.

8. Farrow & Ball, Studio Green

If you’ve ever browsed Pinterest or a popular design blog, seen this color, and wondered what it was, the answer is Farrow & Ball’s Studio Green. It’s one of the shades that has made the brand so in-demand and is a cool toned green paint that’s so saturated it almost looks black. It’s commonly used for interior and exterior doors, as well as on accent walls. However, if you want to be bold and adore color don’t be afraid to use it on the ceiling or all walls of your room. Even the fireplace in this living area sports Studio Green, and though it’s dark the color looks positively gorgeous in the design.

9. Restoration Hardware, Silver Sage

Sage is one of those classic colors that never goes out of style, and one of the most attractive green paints in this shade is Restoration Hardware’s Silver Sage. The difference between it and traditional sage is that it leans cool and definitely has light gray undertones. It looks fabulous in bathrooms, bedrooms, and dining areas such as this one. Pair silver sage with soft neutrals and rich browns for a nature inspired look, or add in pops of gold or silver for a chic and trendy design.

10. Benjamin Moore, Green Thumb

Olive green paint can be tricky to work with, but an alternative is Green Thumb from Benjamin Moore. It’s more vibrant than classic olive, which makes it work well with all types of decor styles, but it’s still rich and earthy. Green Thumb looks incredible in this library and office area, especially since the design sports a traditional and refined style.

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