10 Gorgeous Rooms Featuring the Color Greenery

Pantone has been trend forecasting in the fashion, design, and decor industries for decades, and a big part of that is its Color of the Year. Sometimes Pantone picks more than one color, which is what happened with 2016’s duo of Rose Quartz and Serenity. However, in 2017 the company has chosen a hue that’s strikingly different: Greenery.

It looks exactly like it sounds, a verdant hue that’s reminiscent of nature at its most vibrant. Pantone says that it hopes the color will bring brighter days and better things for the coming year. While the shade probably won’t encourage world peace or change the country’s political discourse, it will definitely perk up home interiors. Here are ten gorgeous rooms that feature Greenery.

1. A veiled retreat

If you want to add Greenery to your room without buying new furniture or major pieces of decor, try picking out new window treatments. The room here features flowing panels of the shade along with cream panels for balance. On the sofa behind the curtains is a selection of pillows that also sports the green hue. The softness of the neutrals paired with a pop of green creates just the right contrast and looks effortlessly stylish.

2. Statement furniture

The shade of green flaunted by the couch in this room can definitely be called Greenery, and paired with bright pink accessories it adds great charm and character to the space. You may not want to buy an entirely new couch with the color, but making or buying a slipcover is an option. Having a couch with the shade would make a big impact and be a bold addition to your decor. Outside of revamping your sofa, consider painting a side table or large mirror with the color.

3. Vibrant nursery

Greenery is a wonderful color for children’s bedrooms, and this nursery shows just why. It’s cheerful, pairs well with a wide variety of other colors, and is unisex. It’s not certain whether this room is for a baby boy or girl, but the way it’s decorated would be well suited for either gender. The youthful color is also ideal for rooms shared by siblings.

4. A contemporary combo

Because it’s so bold and vibrant, it’s a good idea to pair Greenery with neutrals. This bedroom has a surprising combination of the color and brown. It’s both unique and gives a contemporary vibe to the space. Other neutrals that pair well with the color include cream, soft whites, and light gray. If you want your room to feature dramatic contrasts, create a color palette with Greenery and black.

5. Eclectic living room

There’s various coordinating shades of green in this room, and it looks stunning. An interesting gallery wall behind the sofa is the perfect place to display a collection of prints and collectibles, and the Greenery on the wall plays off the tones in the art well. If you don’t want to paint all of the walls in a room with Greenery, an accent or feature wall will definitely do — it’s the type of color that makes a huge statement even in small doses.

6. The Pantone Hotel

Pantone has its own hotel in Belgium, and as one would expect it’s full of various colors. The rooms are themed and modern in style, and one of the suites happens to feature none other than the color Greenery. It graces the room in the form of a soft blanket on the bed, but it’s also seen in a striking, large art print that nearly covers a wall. The suite shows the best way to decorate with the color: by adding neutral tones to the design palette so it doesn’t become overwhelming.

7. Bold and lively dining space

Those looking to add a bit of bright and lively color to their homes will find that this color was made to do just that. Here, a dining room that boasts a mid-century modern flair contains a beautiful wooden table partially surrounded by a vibrant green couch. This is a great alternative to the traditional table and chair combo and helps create an inviting setup for entertaining and eating with family. The couch is set against a wall with stunning geometric wallpaper in yellow, white, and gray as well as a selection of framed art.

8. Trendy accents

Here’s another nursery with Greenery on the walls, but this one contains a mix of black, white, and bright blue. It not only looks fun and playful, but it’s also quite trendy. Upping the style factor is a gallery wall behind the crib that contains art prints and other decorative elements. Even the mobile hanging over the crib reflects the room’s color palette and amps up its style and charm. This room is for a boy, but for a baby girl you could choose pale yellow, blush, salmon pink, or even lavender to pair with Greenery. Metallics including copper, gold, and silver would also look great alongside the shade.

9. Bright and cheerful color

You can hardly look at this room without smiling because it’s so quirky and has tons of character. Those who are fond of eclectic home design will adore what Greenery can do to a space. While it can certainly be used as an accent, when you put the color to work as the star of a room it takes on a whole new life and truly uplifts the space. Here, a fashion forward sitting area has green walls as well as a varied assortment of art. Several floral arrangements and pops of deep blue add more visual interest to an already intriguing design.

10. Smartly designed kitchen

Green is a hue that’s associated with the stimulation of hunger, making Greenery a prime candidate for those who want to give their kitchen or dining area a facelift. This modern kitchen features clean lines and cabinets with bold facades. The design leans towards begin minimalist, but it’s plenty stylish due to the profile of the seating, gleaming finishes, chic pendant lights, and a colorful collection of glass vases sitting above a row of cabinets.

Written by Housely

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