10 Ideas For Beautiful Decorative Wall Shelves

cool wooden wall shelves

In most people’s eyes, shelves are more for practical purposes than anything else. In addition to simply providing storage space, shelves can be a great way to keep your belongings organized. Shelves can also be the perfect place for things you want to put on display. More than that, however, shelves can also be part of your decor. Decorative wall shelves can not only give you an extra place to put your stuff, but they can also spruce up your room. After all, nothing is worse than a room with bare walls, and art and other wall decor options might not be appealing to everyone. If the concept of decorative wall shelves is something you haven’t thought of before, these examples can help you see some of the possibilities. Take a look at 10 ideas for beautiful decorative wall shelves.

decorative wall shelves for home

These simple modern shelves can be used for storing all sorts of items including books and pictures.

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large decorative wall shelves

Decorative wall shelves can come in a wide variety of designs. Whether you’re looking for something simple or something a little more complex, there are lots of options out there for you.

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wooden wall shelves

Boasting a rustic design, these wooden shelves can be the perfect addition to your kitchen.

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bright wall block shelves

Box style shelves are very popular design for wall shelves, and they can be great for putting things on display.

image via Davidappalachiancrafts.Com

decorative floating wall shelves

A cool curved design makes these decorative wall shelves look stylish and trendy.

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cool white wall shelves

When trying to select the perfect shelves for your home, something you’ll want to consider is how much shelf space you’ll actually need. Be sure the shelves you’re choosing have enough room for your things.

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colorful wall mount shelves

While decorative wall shelves can be great, it’s important to keep in mind that shelves that are attached to the wall might not be the best for holding heavy items.

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unique decorative shelves

Not only are these sleek shelves stylish, but they also get the job done.

image via artflyz.com

contemporary wooden wall shelves

This simple wooden shelf set can fit into any space thanks to its minimalist design.

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A combination of wood and glass gives this decorative wall shelf a design that is both sleek and sturdy.

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