20 Unique Wall Shelves You’ll Love To Put Your Stuff On

hanging wall cubed wall shelves

If you’re the kind of person who has way too much stuff, wall shelves are probably something that you don’t take for granted. Think about it, nobody likes to be surrounded by clutter, and shelves can be the perfect way to keep your belongings organized while also keeping them in arm’s reach. With that being said; however, it’s no secret that shelves can be pretty boring. Seriously, when is the last time you even gave a shelf a second thought, or saw a shelf and thought ‘wow, I just gotta have one of those’? The answer to that question is probably never, and that’s because most shelves aren’t designed to catch your eye. But contrary to popular belief, wall shelves don’t have to be something that you just toss your stuff on and never look at again. In fact, there are some wall shelves out there that are downright awesome, and some of them are even so cool you might not even want to use them. Either way, these awesome wall shelves will certainly add a special touch of style to your home. Here are 20 unique wall shelves you’ll love putting your stuff on.

floating wall shelves

image via www.designswan.com

arrow wall shelf

image via www.antiquefarmhouse.com

white modular wall shelves

image via lushome.com

modern red wall shelves

image via decoist.com

small wooden wall shelves

image via cryingwolfmovie.com

donkey kong inspired wall shelves

image via www.incrediblethings.com

optical illusion wall shelves

image via www.home-designing.com

modern arched shape wooden shelves

image via www.interiorexteriorideas.com

unique wall shelving with cool design

image via dudeliving.com

cool crooked wall shelving

image via www.homeworkspaceideas.com

unique wooden circular wall shelves

image via bakusant.com

floating wooden wall shelves

image via www.urukia.com

tree shaped wall shelves

image via groupleme.com

cool shelves made out of piping

image via meddios.com

mounted white wall shelves

image via www.emerginganalytic.us

creative handmade wall art with shelves

image via www.stylemotivation.com

DIY wall shelving

image via 101pallets.com

adjustable wooden and metal shelves

image via www.remodelaholic.com

creative shelving with added storage

image via www.architectureartdesigns.com

creative bookshelf idea

image via www.stylepinner.com

lead image via etsy.com


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