15 Cool Wall Bookshelves For Your Favorite Reads

cool wall bookshelf design

If you love to read, then wall bookshelves can probably come in pretty handy for you. No matter how much you love books, it goes without saying that finding room to store them can be a hassle. Sure, you could just pack them up in a box and throw them in a closet, but then you wouldn’t have easy access to them. Plus, if you’ve got a nice collection of great books, there’s a chance you might want to put them on display. That’s where wall bookshelves come in. Not only do these shelves give you a place to book your favorite books, but they also blend in with the room ver easily. Since these shelves are built-in or attached to the wall, they essentially become a part of the room. On top of that, their design means that they won’t be taking up too much space. Even if you don’t have a lot of books, these shelves can also be used to store other items that you’d like to have easy access to. However, keep in mind that if you have floating shelves, you’ll need to be aware of how much weight you’re putting on them. All in all, wall bookshelves can be a great option for people looking for some a cool new storage option. Take a look at 15 cool wall bookshelves for your favorite reads.

book shelf built into wall

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huge built-in book shelf

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traditional library shelving in home

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simple floating bookshelves

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simple wall book shelf design

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Classic Chandelier White Wall Bookshelf Wooden Floor Wooden Door Pane

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creative floating book shelf

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awesome floating bookshelves

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cool wooden bookshelves

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wall bookshelf ideas

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beautiful wall mounted book shelf

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beautiful curved wall bookshelf

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beautiful contemporary wall shelf

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cool white bookshelves attached to wall

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simple white wall bookshelves

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