10 Beautiful Purple Living Room Design Ideas


Color trends seem to come and go, many with little fanfare from the vast majority of homeowners. The current trend, purple, is worth taking notice. The broad range of purples available including light, dark, bright, and practical shades make it a great color for both accents or as the primary color of your decor. Why purple? Purple is a color which symbolizes wealth, luxury, and nobility.

Lighter versions like lavender lean toward a feminine and delicate side whereas the darker deep purples can take on an aggressive tone. Whether you choose to use purple as an accent or for the majority of the room, we’ve got some beautiful purple living room design ideas that will help make your living room both unique, gorgeous, and best of all purple!

1. Yaletown Loft


This room design uses purple as an accent color. It’s a contemporary design which features an open floor plan with the dining room and kitchen. Other colors featured in this loft include a mossy green and a white named “white dove.” The carpet is a neutral brown somewhere between beige and cream. If you like the look, all of the pieces are available for purchase on Houzz.com.

2. Corbett Venetian


Purple is the statement color in this interior design. Gorgeous purple crystals hang from the chandelier, and there’s even a purple couch if you look closely into the background. Complementing the purple are various shades of pinks and yellows, with yellow featured on the walls. The light-colored hardwood floor brightens the space alongside the white trim.

3. Tropical Paradise


This design will wow you for reasons completely unrelated to the color purple but the purple lighting and light purple decor are a large part of what makes the effect stunning. It creates an exotic underwater feel to compliment the unique custom aquarium design. If you enjoy fish and want a tropical feel to your living room, this demo is a must-see.

4. Cozy Modern Living Room


There are some unique colors and bright accessories in this room that make it energizing. The place I would like you to make sure you look is the windows. Simple but bold the purple window coverings make the entire room pop. The walls and carpet are all light neutrals. The furniture and purple shades make this place the modern and exciting area you see in the photo.

5. The Purple Room


If you love the color purple and want to go all out, this is an excellent example of how to do it in style. There are some white accents in the trim and a small number of green accents here and there but otherwise, the whole room, accessories and all, is decked out in gorgeous shades of purple. An important thing to note if you decide to try and copy this design, it’s not as easy as it appears.

There are three different shades of purple in this room. The wall color and wallpaper are color matched to be the same. The ottoman, lamp shades, and rug are all the same purple. The lamp, the couch/loveseat, and the lighter pillows are also the same shade. Going above three shades of purple in a room will make it look chaotic and disorganized.

Another important note about duplicating this effect, because of the number of purples in the room the designer kept the wood color consistent throughout. I highly recommend doing the same to keep a clean and elegant look. The gold mirror is not my favorite. I think you could make a better selection out of the silver-color or brushed nickel mirrors available. They likely chose that mirror to break up the monotony of an otherwise all silver colored room and demand your attention come toward the fireplace, the room’s centerpiece, but I prefer consistency.

6. Huntington Beach Residence


This unique decor is a range of reds and oranges, purple walls, and plush brown carpet. The modern white table helps to draw focus to the center of the room and make it stand out against the bold and bright color pallet. Two different colors of purple are on the wall. The first coat is a light purple, some tape is placed on the wall in the pattern shown, and then a darker color purple is painted over it. Removing the tape creates the effect you see in the image.

7. Modern Space with LED Lighting


You don’t get much more advanced than this interior design. The primary light color is purple with highlight spots of red, green, and blue stage-style lighting. The furniture is white with bold red accents, and the decor is all leaning heavily upon inspiration from modern design pieces and contemporary art. If you want to be on the cutting edge of modern decor and like LED lighting, check this one out.

8. vanCollier House


Eclectic is the perfect word for this interior design. At first, the purple couch surprised me. The more you look, the more you realize there are other purple pieces all around. There are many other colors. The purple seems to come out last, except the couch because it’s front and center. The pieces in this room are gorgeous. You can get some great ideas from looking at this chaotic but still attractive place.

9. Maison et Objet Eichholtz


This design is a contemporary example you need to see to understand. The patterns of coral, purples, and blues make for a beautiful collage of color. You must take a look if you like dense patterns. It’s beautiful, and I can’t possibly do it justice through a verbal description.

10. Pastel Purple Living Room


Purple, gray, and brown form the primary components of this room’s decor. The purple is very much on the lavender side making pastel an accurate description of the combined effect. The words that come to mind are quaint and cute. It has an adult feel and leans feminine, though a man would not look out of place in the room. It has a taste of what some might refer to as “a woman’s touch.”

Purple is an excellent color and will look stunning in your living room regardless of whether it’s a primary color, accent color, or used for lighting. The examples above have some great design ideas you can either use in whole or part. If you’re not sure how to create an effect, consult a professional interior designer. They can help you by either performing the update or consulting with you to tell you how to do it yourself.


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