Why The Boston Seaport Is The City’s Best Up And Coming Neighborhood

Boston is easily one of the most well-known cities in New England, and it’s quickly becoming a popular destination for people who are looking to relocate. Like many other cities throughout the country, Boston is home to a diverse group of neighborhoods, many of which have seen lots of growth in recent years. One of those neighborhoods, the Boston Seaport, has lots to offer for people looking to enjoy the best of the city. Once full of nothing but factories and warehouses, the Seaport District has become a hip and trendy location.

If you’re planning on moving to Boston, or are simply looking for a new neighborhood to check out, the Seaport District is where it’s at. Keep reading to learn why the Boston Seaport is the city’s best up and coming neighborhood.

Lots of new developments

Since the Seaport District is one of Boston’s most popular up and coming neighborhoods, lots of luxury housing developers have flocked to the area. This has resulted in lots of housing options from  remodeled loft buildings to modern luxury apartments. Of course, the cost of living in the Seaport District is a little on the expensive side with the average rent clocking in at just over $3,000.

Plenty of places to hang out

The housing market isn’t the only thing in the Boston Seaport that’s been growing lately. The number of business in the area has increased as well. From restaurants and small pubs to upscale establishments, there are lots of great places to hang out in the area and finding something to do will never be a difficult task. 

Great food

According to The Globe, “the Seaport neighborhood has over four restaurant seats for every home in the area.” Row 34 is one of the most popular restaurants in the area and offers both amazing food and a lovely atmosphere. Seafood lovers will be especially pleased with the cuisine in the Boston Seaport. Several restaurants in the area, including Row 34, offer delicious fresh seafood.

Beautiful views

Cities often have a reputation for being overcrowded and unattractive due to massive buildings taking up the majority of the area’s space. However, the Seaport District still offers plenty of natural beauty. Located on Boston’s waterfront, the Seaport District offers beautiful views of not only the water, but other areas of the city. 

Centrally located

Location is everything, especially when you live in a city. The Boston Seaport is conveniently located  near both downtown Boston and the Logan Airport. This means that while you’ll be able to do most of your daily activities and errands right in the Seaport, accessing other areas of the city will be a breeze.


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