The Top Five Trends For Cottage Design in 2017

Cottage design trends typically change very little from season to season. Cottages are decorated in earthy, neutral tones with florals and stripes for color. Distressed wood, comfortable seating and quiet nooks are common in traditional cottage décor. Whether a cottage in the country, the desert or the beach, cottages are meant to be a place of comfort, closeness and character.

In 2016, we saw cottage décor with soft whites and neutral pallets. Natural materials, slip covers and antique pieces adorned cottage rooms. Flat, natural Sisal rugs adorned the floors and wicker was a popular feature. Slip covers and traditional floral accents were standard in cottage décor in 2016.

In 2017, we will see a more modern style in cottage décor. Bold colors and patterns will be mixed in with traditional cottage features. We will see everything from white on white to navy blue. This year, we will see a lot of contrast in cottage design. Mixed patterns, contemporary pieces, and sleek sophisticated pieces will be mixed to compliment standard, neutral cottage features. We will also see a reverse in traditional features. Rather than painting walls a neutral color and trim stark white, we will see the opposite.

Walls will be painted in earthy tones, but trim will be darker and more bold. Cabinetry will be painted darker to stand out. We will also see many statement pieces. Bold patterned rugs, bold colors in accessories, and dramatic features such as light fixtures will stand out as focal points to create interest in each room. International accents will be seen as well. Scottish plaids, Scandinavian chunky throws, and southwestern rugs will adorn cottages. This year, we will a lot of interesting designs in cottage décor. It is the year to get creative with cottage design.

Here are 5 of the top trends in cottage design for 2017.


The most popular paint color for cottages in 2017 is Mushroom. It is a natural, earthy shade that blends well with other cottage colors. Typically, cottages are painted in botanical colors. Natural earthy tones with some pops of color in the accessories. Walls are traditionally painted in a color while baseboards and trim are white. This year the trend in cottage interiors is to paint the walls lighter and the baseboard and trim a darker color such as Mushroom. Cabinetry and other details are painted in the darker as well. The contrast is unique and eye catching.

Another color that will be in style for cottages this year is navy blue. As an accent color, darker shades of blue make a bold statement in the cottage interior. The color is unusual to cottage trends of the past which has been to use earthy, natural and neutral colors of paint. Cabinetry or the kitchen island in blue against the typical neutral colors on the walls creates a focal point in any room. The use of blue as an accent will also bring a nautical theme to this year’s cottage design. Whether your cottage is located in the country or the desert, it can still have a beach cottage vibe. The use of navy or bold blue color also creates a mix and match feeling which we will see this year in cottage décor.

Another color scheme we will see in cottage design in 2017 is white on white. Crisp white, oatmeal and other soft shades of white will be used in cottage décor. This will create a crisp, clean style. A pop of bold

Mixed patterns

Mixed patterns have always been seen in cottage décor. It is common to find florals mixed with stripes or checks. It is a way to help accessory furniture or decorations stand out and bring pops of color into a room. This year will see a twist on the mix and match pattern theme. Plaids are going to become popular in cottage décor in 2017. With tight knit colors, the plaid will bring a unique style into any room and give it character. We will see plaids in rugs, pillows, wall hangings and linens.

Another use of mixed patterns that will be used in cottage décor in 2017. A bold stripe on a sofa will make it the focal point of the room. Before, perhaps a striped or floral side chair was used as an accent, but this will draw attention to a comfortable, chic sofa.

Comfort mixed with elegance

Continuing with the mix and match theme of 2017, cottages will see mixtures of comfort with elegance. Shabby chic will meet sophisticated style. Cottages in 2017 will have the standard cozy feel with overstuffed sofas and reading nooks, but the typical cottage standards will be coupled with sleek furnishings that will create a modern vibe. In the kitchens you will see more modern appliances like stainless steel refrigerators mixed with farmhouse sinks. Cottages will be both shabby chic and contemporary.

Comfortable Throws and Other Accessories

Keeping with the comfort theme, 2017 cottage design will see big, comfortable knitted throws. Large knit rugs and throws will keep the tone of cottage comfort. They can also make a statement. Other accessories will evoke a cozy cottage feel to balance the modern elements that will be included in this year’s cottage design.

Another accessory that will change the look of cottage design this year is light fixtures. Statement light fixtures will create the style of the cottage. Everything else can be casual and neutral, and a statement light fixture will look great in the cottage giving it a whole character of its own.

Bold Rugs

As more bold colors like navy blue will be more visible in cottages this year, rugs will see bold prints and colors. From southwestern prints to animal prints, we will see rugs with bold patterns that give a room more character. The colors will be bold too, making area rugs a statement piece. Bold print area rugs will be layered over rugs with neutral shades. This will create depth and draw attention to this unique detail.

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