The Top 5 “Best of” Ads on Craigslist Philadelphia


Craigslist started out in 1995 as a way to distribute information about events going on in the San Francisco area. Fast forward about 20 years, and it’s a household name and a favored site of millions of people. We all know someone who likes to bargain hunt on the website, and few renters haven’t gone apartment hunting on Craigslist. From dating and finding jobs to advertising business ventures and finding new local hobbies, the site is immensely useful in a variety of ways.

On the flip side, Craigslist can also be quite entertaining and hilarious. Over the years people have posted some epic ads on the site, especially on Craigslist Philadelphia. These are the ads that are either so well written and thought-provoking that you’ll want to print them out, or so off the wall and funny that you’ll hardly believe someone actually came up with them. The site’s “Best of” section is dedicated to hosting these special posts so they can live on.

Here are the top five “Best of” ads listed on Craigslist Philadelphia.

1. Ode to the slurpee


This post is both well written and funny, and you’d never think that someone could come up with an entire post about 7-11 stores. The poster seems to despise the chain, its aisles filled with bottom rate snacks, and the bad service. They know they can expect better treatment, service, and products at Wawa convenience stores, but the poster can’t give up going to 7-11 because only there can they get their beloved slurpees.

If you never quite understood the concept of literary techniques or don’t think they can add much to a piece of writing, look no further than this post and you’ll see how awesome metaphors can be. Kudos to whoever wrote this post, and let’s all hope he or she eventually gains the strength to break their addiction to 7-11 slurpees one day.

2. Terrible coworkers


Workplace relations can get very testy, and the worst thing is that people typically have to endure their insufferable colleagues lest they be called into HR. You’ll definitely have some sympathy for this poster after you read about the co-workers sitting to the left and right of her. While some of their antics don’t seem so bad, as you read on and realize that she has to put up with these two women each and every day, you’ll see why cubicles should be banned.

From chiding the poster about her eating habits and lack of children and a husband to making snide remarks about what everyone in the office is wearing, one has to question when these co-workers ever get any work done. Apparently, the only thing stopping the poster from telling off her co-workers is her own lack of nerve, but at least she has Craigslist Philadelphia to let out her rant.

3. Life on the SEPTA train


This witty and artistic poster makes it clear that public transportation isn’t always so convenient, fun, or even tolerable. However, she manages to make the best of it and has compiled a handy guide for fellow SEPTA train passengers who may be reading Craigslist Philadelphia.

Her hilarious points on politeness must have come from years of experience riding on the train and being bothered by all manner of people. There are the passengers who get too talkative, especially in the morning, the parents who let their children climb over everything and everyone, and then there are the folks who take a bit too much interest in the things the poster is drawing during her ride. Taking the train in Philly doesn’t sound like a breeze, but it sure seems entertaining.

4. Take this cat, please


One of the best things about Craigslist Philadelphia is it gives people a chance to help animals find new homes. Some of the animals can no longer be cared for or have been abused and abandoned. It’s totally heartwarming when people help animals and provide them a better life, but sometimes it’s the people who need the most help.

Take this poster, for instance. Her friend and roommate happened upon a kitten and decided to take it into their home. The cat had been separated from its mother and already had separation issues, but that’s not the only challenge it presented to the poster. As it turned out, the cat’s temperament was “off” in the worst kind of way.

It constantly rumbled around, started biting people, easily got bored, had no sense of fear, and cared not one bit about killing other pets in the house. Given all of this, it’s easy to see why the cat’s former owner was desperately seeking someone to take it by posting online. Looking at the photos of the kitty, you’ll see that he is indeed quite adorable. However, that’s just a cover up — the poor soul who took on this cat is going to be in for a world of trouble.

5. Should’ve thought twice


Morning traffic is a beast, and coupled with the fact that so many out in the public aren’t really morning people, it’s understandable how anger could come about. It would’ve been much better if the driver described in this post had decided to just take a deep breath, sip his coffee, and keep it moving. But, no, he couldn’t do that.

Instead, the guy in a black Elantra insulted the wrong pedestrian one too many times and ends up surrounded by cops. See, he’d been going back and forth with a man who was walking across the street too slowly for his tastes. Everything could have turned out differently, if only the guy in the Elantra hadn’t been so hot-headed. Once it became clear that the pedestrian was a plainclothes police officer, there was no turning back. This post is a cautionary tale for those reading through Craigslist Philadelphia: don’t act like a tough guy right in front of the Criminal Justice Center.


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