10 Technological Innovations Ensuring Home Safety

Home Security

Over the last few years, the home safety market has blossomed into a larger competitive market. There are many new technological offerings available to homeowners. Some of the products are designed to ensure safety and help catch would-be criminals in the act of burglarizing your home. Others are meant to help prevent mishaps and to alert others when an accident occurs. Millions of people everywhere are investing in home protection and safety equipment.

These products help to provide a piece of mind to those that want to protect their property and loved ones. There are many different options to choose from. These are some of the most popular and effective products out on the market today. Some of the items on the list are quite inexpensive while others may cost several thousands of dollars. For most people; the cost to purchase and install these items is well worth it. If you can prevent break-ins and personal injury you would be saving money in the long run.

Here are 10 technological innovations in home safety:

1. Remote Home Monitoring

Remote Home Monitoring

This is becoming an increasingly popular item in every type of modern household. This system will allow you to remotely view the inside and outside of your home. You will be able to keep an eye on the family pet, or your teenager that gets home from school while you are still at work. If someone breaks into your home, you will be notified of movement by an app the is connected to your smartphone. You will then be able to log on and view strategically placed monitoring cameras located inside the home. There is also a door camera and sensors placed throughout, including on the window. The window sensors can detect a break in through glass doors and windows. This technology can be obtained through large communications services that offer Wifi, cable, and phone services.

2. Outdoor remote door monitoring system


This new technology is helping to combat theft of items left at your door by the postal service or private carriers. It also helps to monitor visitors and possible thieves. This item is normally disguised as a porch light or some other seemingly regular device. A camera with motion detector is fitted inside and give a clear image from your front door. The great thing about this device is that you can access the camera from your smartphone via an app. You will receive a notification is you have a visitor to your door. If you are at work or elsewhere and receive a package or unexpected visitor, then you will know right away.

3. Remote Garage Door Opener


This neat device or app is a great improvement on old technology. For instance, if you are on vacation and for some reason, your neighbor needs to get inside your home, then you can simply open the door from anywhere in the world. If your garage door opens while you are away, you will be notified immediately. This is an extra piece of mind while you are away from home. Many burglaries occur by accessing the garage. This will help to prevent anything of that nature and will double as a safety feature in case anything happens while you are away from home.

4. Remote LED home Lighting

LED Lighting

This is a great feature to use if you are away, or you think it would be a good idea to give the impression that you are at home even if you are away. This remote access system allows you to select LED lighting throughout your house even if you are working late or away on vacation. This is also a great safety feature. If you feel that you want to give the impression that someone is inside the home, you can simply turn the lights on as if a person was at home. This device is also a great feature to use if you have an elderly family member that has trouble getting around to turn lights on and off. They can use the device from a seated position to achieve the desired level of lighting.

5. Access Code Home Lock

Access Code Home Lock

For those of us that do not like using regular keys, this is a great home technology accessory. These coded locks store several different combinations that allow for individual settings. No longer do you have to worry when you lose your keys. You simply punch your code in, and you are in. This is also a great security item for older people living at home alone. If anything were to happen and they could not get to the door to unlock it, the door could be opened with a code instead of having to break into the dwelling.

6. Emergency Notification Necklace

Emergency Notification Necklace

This technology is vitally important for those individual that are elderly or disabled and chose to live at home. If something happens, the person simply pushes a button, and there is a qualified agent ready to assist the person. In this way, police, fire, and ambulance can be notified based on the event. Anytime there is an issue the person will have immediate access to assistance. This has saved many lives and is a must have for households with older individuals.

7. Smart Appliances

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances are a great technology for everyone but are especially helpful for older family members. These appliances can detect prolonged periods of use or overheating and will shut themselves off which will prevent fires. There is always a time when you forget about a running appliance, and this will help to ease your mind. No longer will you have to worry if you left that pot of water boiling on the stove while you are work.

8. Fall Detection Monitor

Fall Detection Monitor

This device is a bit different from the security necklace. This set of sensors can detect when a person is imbalanced or is in danger of passing out. This is great for people with medical issues or older adults that are living at home with a need for monitoring. If a possible fall is detected a warning will be issued and notify others to a possibly potential fall. Some of these devices also monitor other bodily functions.

9. Voice Activated Home Regulation System

Voice Activated Home Regulation System

This is becoming another very popular system in the average home. This set of electronic regulation system is controlled remotely through a smartphone app. A person can change their temperature settings, can shut off water to their homes, and can watch video cameras placed throughout their homes. This technology warns when there are issues in the home such as water leaks, sudden atmosphere changes, and break-ins.  You can also control things like radio, music, and television.

10. Automatic Security Gate


This technology is great for protecting your home from unwanted guest and would be burglars. With a home security gate, you get protection and monitoring capabilities. You will be able to let guests in or out and view who is trying to access your property. This system is becoming more popular with the average American. Only the wealthy had this technology up until recent years. With this system becoming more affordable more and more people are protecting their property and families with a home security gate.


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