Five Affordable Home Security Systems That Offer Serious Protection


Only 17% of homeowners can afford to install a conventional home security system, mostly because they are expensive to purchase.  In addition the expense to maintain the system can be costly as well due to monthly fees and potential repairs.  However with the increasing levels of technology, affordable effective security systems are being produced.  Some of these systems are  so efficient that they even rival some military security devices.   In this article we will look at five home security systems that are quickly gaining popularity due to their efficiency and affordability.

Front Point


The front point has consistently been rated as a top 3 home security system by most home security review websites. The sensors in this system are completely wireless and therefore easy to install.  It takes approximately half an hour to install the system, with the guidance of a technician over the phone. Set up is done in three easy steps:

  • Step 1 – Plug in the Control Panel
  • Step 2 – Apply sensors
  • Step 3 – Call to activate


This security system has a centralized control panel. On this panel, you can add cameras, sensors and a monitoring plan of your choice that best suits your needs.

  • The control panel is touch screen enabled. Once the homeowner inputs information into it, it communicates instructions to the monitoring center via a cellular connection. This is what makes it very secure system.
  • The sensors can are placed in different locations within the home. They are the first line of defense against intrusion and environment potential dangers such as carbon monoxide, smoke, and water.
  • Examples include the door/ window sensor, the garage door sensor, grass break sensor, motion sensor and the image sensor.
  • Cameras give the much needed evidence to an unusual event that could happen and needs to be seen. In addition, the cameras are enabled to stream videos to a smartphone or laptop that has been included in the circuit.

Iris Home Management System


The Iris Home Management system was created by Lowes. This system boasts great software compatibility, easy to customize programs, and remarkable features. The system has unique functionalities that offer the four types of protection (intrusion, environmental, surveillance, and life safety) homeowners are looking for.  The system also has built in batteries that take over in the case of power outage.


The Iris Home Management Systems comes with three starter packs to choose from.

  • Safe and secure – Thus pack includes a contact sensor, a motion sensor, a keypad and a window decal.
  • The comfort and smart Starter Pack – This one comes with a smart plug and a small thermostat.
  • The safe and secure pack – This is the smallest kit, and it includes the all the contents of the first two plus a range extender.

In the case of an intrusion, the alerts are not sent to the police. The alerts are sent to live people through automated messages. Depending on the interpretation of the message from the alert, they then call the authorities for assistance. The Iris by Lowe’s Home Security system Smart kit will cost you $299.00



The iSmartAlarm is a custom home security system that enables the homeowner to use their iPhone to activate, monitor and disengage their security system whenever they want and from any location with a click of a button.  The control center of the iSmartAlarm system is called the Cube One. It controls and coordinates all the activities to the different sensors. It is also expandable to accommodate more sensors.

The iSmartAlarm home security system is iPhone and Android enabled. The system employs the use of automated text messages to alert the homeowner of an (potential) unauthorized break in by sending a text message or email. It also allows the homeowner to scan the home and its environment using an optional camera.

The package comes equipped with:

  • 1 CubeOne Hub
  • 2 Window/Door Sensors
  • 1 Motion Sensor
  • 2 Remote Tags
  • 2 Sensor Stickers (for a yard or window)

The iSmartAlarm preferred package is retailing at $169.00

Icontrol Networks Piper NV


The Piper NV is the best all-in-one home security system. It doubles up as a security camera and a home automation system. It has a built-in alarm system and the process of setting it up is remarkably easy.  Its unique features inclue night vision ability and the fact that it can remotely control Z-Wave-enabled home accessories. It’s also the first ever 180° night vision HD camera.

The overall features include:

  • Camera – It has an enhanced immersive video experience, 3.4 megapixels, Night Vision, 180-degree view and it can tilt zoom and squad view.
  • Audio – Includes an inbuilt microphone, a speaker, and a 105dB siren
  • Sensors – The sensors enables motion, humidity, sound, light and temperature.

The Icontrol Networks Piper NV is retailing at $279.00 on Amazon.

Scout Security Technology


This home security system is provided by the Scout Security Inc. Company.  It combines two elements: the hardware design and the intuitive controls. The elements included in the system are a base station, an arm or disarm panel, open or close sensors, motion sensors, and inbuilt software.

The home automation protocol used is Zigbee which is a favorite of many homeowners due to its ease of control. The total cost of ownership for this unit is approximately $300.00.  Monitoring your home’s security is made easier with the Scout app for iPhone, Apple Watch and Android, from anywhere and at any time.

Custom home security systems can be assembled in a myriad of ways and for varying costs depending on your needs.    We hope these five are a great starting point in your search.


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