Spring Home Improvements You Can Make at No Charge

Feng Shui

Surprisingly, redecorating your home does not need to be a major undertaking with a lot of expensive items and materials. Simple touches like de-cluttering or turning your family photos into an art gallery can have dramatic effects inside of your home making it more comfortable to live in and for visitors. And while  Spring conjures the feeling of out with the old and in with the new, new does not necessary indicate that something needs to be purchased.

Instead, improvements without purchasing components, equipment or materials is the ideal focus. To help inspire you for your next spring home improvement project, the following is a list of five spring home improvements that cost no money but can have a major difference in your house.



It is incredible what a detailed cleaning can do to any space. Clutter indicates unfinished business and prevents forward progress. Eliminating miscellaneous items that you no longer need makes the home feel much less confined and cramped while completely improving you comfort level. Find the top 50 items that are sitting in boxes and donate them, throw them away or sell them. By utilizing eBay or having a garage sale, you can make a few extra bucks.

Then rinse and repeat once a month. As soon as you know it, the house will be free from clutter and unused items thus freeing up space and opening up your home. In addition to being able to make a few extra bucks, you will completely alter your state of mind.

Feng Shui your Rooms

Feng Shui Room

Feng Shui is the Chinese philosophical system of balancing people with their surrounding environment and is one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics. With regards to interior design, it relates to the way in which you better interact with the objects in your home to improve balance and health while inviting happiness. As a specific spring home improvement, Feng shui assists you with arranging the space to better support your ideal rest and the connection you have with your partner and self. Whether or not you buy into the philosophies, the principles make excellent design sense.

There are several methods to Feng Shui the rooms in your home. First, position your bed with care to provide a sense of safety and protection while sleeping. This means to place the bed as far away from the door as possible but in a location that allows you to keep your eye on the room’s entrance. Second, the bedroom should be a spot for contemplation, rest and intimacy not exercise, work or blaring music. Therefore, removing television, a phone, computer, exercise gear or a desk with bills stacked to the ceiling will improve the energy of the room.

Make Shelving Units from Old Baskets and Crates


Unused based and crates that you have siting in the garage or in storage are excellent for creating additional shelving units. In addition to freeing up space in storage areas, you do not need to spend any money shelving and it creates a more rustic atomizer around your home. Old baskets and crates are the perfect material for shelving because they can easily be nailed or hooked to the wall and faced outward for practical shelving. By applying a coat of paint or other decorations you have on-hand, you have really make them pop. Also, color-coding them using paint or small signs will help you group small items and remain organized.

Transform a Coffee Table

Coffee Table

If you have a glass-topped table, consider placing photographs underneath the glass to bring a new look to the room. This provides a customized, personal touch with a loving and homely feel to any space in the house. Also, it reduces the need for changing photos within your existing frames and eliminates the need for purchasing new frames which can save money. Another idea is to simply add a little detail to the table. This could include placing fresh flowers as the centerpiece or creating a cornucopia which can add life to the room.

Another excellent idea is to add wood planks to the top of the table if you have extra wood laying around. This can make a dramatic difference in all rooms. To better fit the décor of the room, you can stain the wood any color. On top of the planks you can add a personalized stencil or different types of finish to improve the table even more.

Turn Family Photos into an Art Gallery

Family Photos

Everyone has old family photos laying around their house. Since these are likely sitting in storage in old photo albums, you can put these to use while showcasing a loving and cozy household. By using simple frames in all the same color, you can unify the look of the photos. Just make sure it matches the décor of the room in which you are placing the photographs. Matte whites and ivories are always an excellent choice as they match well with almost any type and color of décor. Depending on the number of photos and frames you have, it is simple to fill an entire wall.

Displaying your cherished memories in this manner will allow visitors to view your life and have more appreciation from an impersonal perspective. This is the similar effect achieved in museums and art galleries. Therefore, you can easily make your home an art gallery with family photo frames. The best aspect of this project is the ability to tell a story. Try starting with baby pictures and ending to the most recent photographs. This will tell your visitors the story of you, your family and your children. Hey, everyone likes a good story so why not show them instead of tell them?

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