Perfect Patios: How to Turn Your Plain Porch into a Paradisal Setting

Spring is such a beautiful time of year it’s no wonder we all want to spend our days outside. The winter cold can leave our porches dirty, cold, and uninviting. Here are some tips for how to spruce up your porch space and turn it into your own little paradise.

Identify Use of Space

Depending on the size of your porch, this could be easy or difficult. Essentially, decide what you want to do with it. Then, figure out where you’d like to put your patio chairs for conversation or where you’d like to add in a porch swing. If you have a large porch or patio that has room to entertain, figure out where you’d like to place an outdoor dining table or additional seating for guests. Decide how you’d like to use the space of your porch so that your porch has a good flow to it.

To help you realize how you’d like to use the space, get some color pencils and some paper. Draw out what your patio currently looks like. Then, imagine different options of how you’d like to imagine it being. If there’s an option that you like best after you’ve taken the time to look through them, then go with that one.

Update and Improve Your Patio Structure

Before you beautify your porch, it’s important that you have good bones to work with. Paint or replace any beams or posts that are worn. Pressure wash any wooden or concrete surfaces that may have accumulated dirt or moss. Add a pergola or other shade structure, like those at Allweather Shelters, to improve the function of your patio space. Such structures can also be given more flair by stringing lights up around the posts and around the top—this makes for a very fun and beautiful setting, especially during your evening summer social gatherings.

Bring in the Greenery

Nothing turns a porch into a paradise like beautiful greenery. Shop around for different types of planters and pots to beautify your porch. They don’t all have to match, in fact some variety is a good thing. Then, head to the nursery or big box store and pick out some plants that you love. Look for different colors, textures, and types of plants to give your porch variety. Keep in mind that the plants need to be able to survive in the shade, so be sure to check the sunlight requirements of your plants before you buy them. When you’re placing your greenery around your porch, be sure to decorate from top to bottom. Let some plants hang from your eaves, place a pot or two on a decorative side table, and have some of varying heights on the ground next to your patio chairs. The key is to bring in different colors of plants and planters so your porch feels bright and cheerful.

One thing, however, that you should watch out for with potted plants is size. If your patio is fairly small, then you do not want to tend up cramping the space even more with a huge pot that will just be more in the way than a pleasing spectacle. Bigger pots would do best on bigger patios and, likewise, smaller pots in small patios or on tables or railings as decorative features.

Don’t Forget the Décor

Bring in some different pieces of décor to add interest to your space. Add a few decorative water-resistant pillows to your patio chairs for comfort. Keep the colors soothing so they’re not competing with the colorful flowers around the space. Add in a decorative lantern or a small rustic watering can to add some interest. Be sure all of the décor that you use is water-resistant so that you can be sure it doesn’t get ruined or rusty when it starts to get rained or snowed on during the more stormy months. Most importantly, choose pieces of décor that you love that speak to you. Filling your space with things that you love will ensure it feels like a paradise. Just remember that it doesn’t need to look and feel awesome to anyone but you. If what you create fits you and your personality, then feel free to be okay with that. Then, you’ll be able to just lounge around with a good book on a sunny day and just enjoy it.

This spring/summer season is the perfect time of year to enjoy those quiet, cool evenings outside or to have a few friends over and enjoy some conversation. Follow these tips and your porch will be your own haven of serenity!


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