10 Of The Most Beautiful Mid-Century Living Room Chairs

Mid-century modern style furniture is a popular choice for many people. Combining the best of old and new, mid-century style is defined by Wikipedia as a “design movement in interior, product, and graphic design, architecture, and urban development from roughly 1933 to 1965.”Mid-century modern items are often characterized by clean lines and curves. For that reason, mid-century living room chairs can be a great addition to your space. Not only can they be comfortable, but they can also be unique and extremely attractive as well. Here are 10 of the most beautiful mid-century living room chairs.

Mid-Century Velvet Accent Living Room Chair

This beautiful velvet accent chair is sure to turn heads whenever people walk into the room thanks to its lovely plush design.

Mid-Century Modern Velvet Accent Armchair

If you’re looking for a piece of furniture that will truly stand out, this bold red armchair will certainly do just that.

Mid-Century Modern Accent Living Room Chair

Accent furniture can be a great way to incorporate bright colors and bold patterns into your space without overwhelming the room.

Archibald Mid Century Modern Fabric Accent Chair

Built on sturdy wooden legs, this mid-century living room chair was made to be both comfortable and stylish.

GreenForest Leisure Chair Mid Century Retro Style

A thick padded seat provides the ultimate level of comfort while a beautiful mid-century modern design provides plenty of style.

Homelegance Lucille Fabric Upholstered Pub Barrel Chair

An elegant tufted back allows this chair to be a great fit in formal and casual living spaces. Bright orange fabric allows brings in the perfect pop of color.

Mid Century Style Living Room Grey Velvet Accent Arm Club Chair Dining Chair

Perfect for a dining table or a living room, this mid-century modern chair features a simple yet trendy design.

Mid-Century Modern Linen Fabric Accent Armchair with Shelter Style

A beautiful high back gives this chair a sophisticated look that is sure to make it the highlight of your living room.

Acantha Mid Century Modern Retro Contour Chair

If you enjoy classic furniture but also want a contemporary touch, mid-century living room chairs are exactly what you need.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room Large Accent Chair with Footrest / Storage Ottoman

There’s nothing better than one piece of furniture that can serve two functions, and this chair comes with an ottoman that also doubles as a small storage unit.


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