20 Mid Century Modern Living Room Designs

living room with unique modern fireplace

Mid century modern designs has seen a pretty big rise in popularity over the last few years. Popular TV shows set in the 50s and 60s have opened the eyes of a new generation of people who are falling in love with the style. Bringing together the best of old and new, mid century modern designs are perfect for those who like to mix things up. But even if you’re someone who likes the look of mid century modern spaces, you may still be wondering if the look is what’s best for your living room. Decorating your home is a pretty big deal, and it’s important to pick things that you really like. Otherwise it will only cost more money in the long run when you decide to change things around again. The good news is that mid when you’re designing a space, you have the freedom to pick and choose the things you like about mid century modern designs. If you want to take certain aspects, but don’t feel like fully committing, you might want to include one of two pieces of mid century modern furniture. With the perfect set up, your living room can truly become a masterpiece. Here are 20 mid century modern living room designs.

large living room with fire place

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formal mid century living room

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living room with large windows

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modern living room with wooden furniture

image via http://www.architectureartdesigns.com/

modern living room with lamp

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living room with blue accent wall

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living room with colorful couch pillows

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beautiful modern living room with colorful design

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bright modern living room

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mid century modern living room colors rustic Scandinavian

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modern living room with wood flooring

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vintage living room design

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beautiful living room with blue chair

image via people.com

living room with wooden wall

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living room with blue couch

image via decoist.com

living room with cool silver lamp

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living room with blue carpet

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living room with large area rug

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awesome living room with stone fireplace

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beautiful spacious modern living room

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